Joined in the Goal of Atonement

Joined in the goal of Atonement, brother/sister we carry a light that pierces the darkness.  The place I thought real, forever. And, the stars now glow even in the light, the firmament so magnificent that carries Your message: their distance is but a dream. In Your mercy each star shines on the abounding errors I bring that only appeared to have blocked your Love from me, Father.  My searching ends in yet one more dream here: forgiveness, a mirror of Your love in a world I’ve made that seems to hide it,  for my mistakes were corrected the moment I conceived the mad idea I could have a mind separate from Yours.

Let Your Mind Rest Today

Child of God, remember today you are one with the only One who has all power. Let your mind rest. It can do nothing less nor more than this One Power. Your life and will are eternally safe. You can believe this, for it alone is true. There is nothing that can undo what God has created. It is His will that you be free to believe what is perfectly true: you are His holy and beloved child, One, with Him. There is no power anywhere that can oppose this.

Let No Man Put Asunder

We cannot think or act apart from God. The “we” word in this sentence means, as God’s children we are all joined as a thought in God’s mind. I do not think we can comprehend this, which is the only truth there is, in this world. And that is why we are here. Because we can’t comprehend it. It is a loving thought from a loving Creator Who only wants us to accept it, for it is how He is. And, How He is, we are. If we see this differently, we are not.  However, our seeing doesn’t matter.  It is Christ’s vision in us that does.   Our so called life in this world is a dream of vision by an ego that only knows how to dream. The beautiful Mind that we are, however, allow us to ready our false self to rejoin with God, in the Atonement.  In fact, to be restored to sanity. So don’t try to get rid of your false self too soon.  (As if we could.) It leaves us when we are ready, in God’s time, not ours.  Our thoughts are thought within God’s mind, where they were placed by His Will. They have never left this place. What God wills joined together we cannot separate, put asunder. Our true Self has never left its holy Origin. I can only dream this is otherwise. But a dream, sleeping or waking, is fundamentally a wish. Fulfillment of this wish is a part of the dream only. God does not enter my dream because He does not know anything apart from His perfect love.  So I don’t pray that He come down here to make nice.  He gave me, all of us, His perfect love to extend to all of His creations,  and by extending, having in greater and greater amounts for all of His creations. Although “amounts” is probably a poor choice of words, for the “all”  is based on perception; and perception is not knowledge, which does not exist in this world. If it did there would be no world, because the world is separated from God and that is not possible.  Of course we can make the world up.  As we have.  The results are obvious and will always confuse us in determining who we are and where we came from, the quest of everyone here.  This is a personal as well as a question about everyone else here.  However, God made us as co-creator.  And as God’s co-creators our only function here now is to forgive all, to remove all of our dreams of blocks to love so that we can fulfill our greatest function, in Him, through Him and with Him — the endless extension of His love for us. This joining is the meaning of Creation. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is Light.”, Jesus said.  His message is in joining, in At-onement, through the Light he brings to us. Our understanding of this leads to its acceptance through appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude for all of God’s children.  I am as God created me, no matter whatever else I believe.  We will join Jesus in his message as Christ, that this is true for everyone.  Where Christ is, God is.  We will do this in joining together in the unity of the Holy Spirit, or we won’t do it at all.  But, until we do, we really have no meaning.

The Pain of Separation and the Joy of Choice

As I have over and over again returned to more diligent study of the Course, finding it now impossible to part in any way from it, I realize it is joining with the work that is the only part of the dream I made that overall makes any sense to me. Jesus is a wonderful teacher. By attraction rather than avoidance. By example rather than evangelism.  Still today, I make some of the same old mistakes, cling to old ideas: an unforgiving thought,  an ego search and do not find episode, an attack as victim or victimizer, projection, withholding love, regret, guilt, anger — at the same tempo as ever, in even larger chunks of experience as I think I might now be able handle — and of course suffering more for doing so. The only difference seems to be the clearer comparison with the principles of the Course, my mistakes as clearer choices between them and what the Course teaches as the experience of eternal peace.  It is the acuteness of such comparisons that touch me now so deeply with the thought, would I rather be happy or right.  Right of course in accordance with the self righteousness of my ego. The pain of separation form God is now very real, it seems.  I have been given help by my Guide to become aware of what the problem, the one problem is.  Separation, thinking that it is possible and then feeling guilty because it feels real.   So far I have without fail been driven forward to what is apparently truth over mistakes, better choices in place of lonely decisions.  It is now much clearer that mistakes no longer work for me. I can as a result see life anew.  It is all like being born again.  I am driven ahead to hear Jesus say, perhaps, “How’s all that, (self, I can do this alone) working for you?”) I always have the same answer, “not so well.” I am reminded he does say to practice daily, not making any decisions on my own.  Like jazz, there are no wrong notes, just better choices.  I can believe this, unless I want to try to make the wrong notes real.  Considering the fact that poor choices, while painful, are moments of learning, at some point we are invited to simply commit to looking for a better way.  This time, or the next time, hopefully by sharing our lives with others, we begin to see that no one’s interests here are different than anyone else’s.

4. “All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life…” ACIM, Text P.1, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975

While being a good student in this world, the scripts I write, I teach very well with the utmost of sincerity.  I seek others to play their assigned roles, I secure very willing funding from my ego’s myriad forms of control, I produce the play.  And then proceed to “live” it seems at times, too many times, without the principles of A Course in Miracles in my radar, which has been my constant companion for many years.  ( I have disproved the actuaries who predict age.) Yet, Jesus, the author of the Course, is always telling me just what I am doing and what perhaps I will continue doing, as long as I so chose. The theater is always open, the stage well constructed, the show  continues. I have grown to love this, although I do despair during moments of Truth as many do, because in the end I have to leave it all in a tiny speck of time, in a place that will no longer be what I think it is,  thinking surely what I produced must mean something.   As to the disappointment of realizing it the show doesn’t go on,  Jesus says simply, that this is how it is, not that it has to be, but just what I want, which in fact is what I don’t want. And somehow, by the trick of changing my mind about my mind, I have found happiness out of it all.  It’s the greatest show on earth —  by I, self and me, reinterpreted by Him Who knows my, and your, calls for Love, no matter how tiny, are met with all the meaning I search for.  Even in the form of my regret, disappointment, depression, resentment.   I believe my best show, like all “-isms”, as if true, are only coming to know more and more, it is in Truth only an illusion. I was a little shocked by Kenneth’s characterizing our dream world as “cannibalism”.) That’s a little strong for me, I thought. Yet Kenneth understood the extent of our egos and their “power”, sans being.

Miracle Principles

This blog is based on the book, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which was  published in 1975 by The Foundation for Inner Peace.  I was introduced to the Course in 1978.  It has been my daily guide to life since 1987, when I began considering myself a student of the Course.  It has been my constant source for a better understanding of life in this world, my true identity, and why I am here.  The blog presents  a series of my writings based on my experience as a student of the Course.  The writings are interpretive only in the sense of how my experience as a student of the Course relates to my personal life.  None are meant to be theological or religious, just how I experience my life as I see it in relation to what I believe the Course teaches us.   As a source, I have used the very first section in the Course Text, which lists fifty “Principles of Miracles.” (ACIM, p.1, Chapter 1.)  I think the heart of what the Course says lies in these brief explanations of how miracles work.   Also, in a short while you will begin seeing my reviews of a number of spiritual books. These reviews are being prepared as a network member of Speakeasy, North Carolina.  I intend these reviews to represent an honest opinion of the writer’s work.  I hope you enjoy all the writings and find them helpful in your personal life. I have enjoyed studying and working with the Course for over 35 years now, almost on a daily basis.  It has changed my life to the better, not always the easier, but surely to the better.  Bob Pajer, author of the Blog:  50MiraclePrinciples.