This blog is based on the book, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which was  published in 1975 by The Foundation for Inner Peace.  I was introduced to the Course in 1978.  It has been my daily guide to life since 1987, when I began considering myself a student of the Course.  It has been my constant source for a better understanding of life in this world, my true identity, and why I am here.  The blog presents  a series of my writings based on my experience as a student of the Course.  The writings are interpretive only in the sense of how my experience as a student of the Course relates to my personal life.  None are meant to be theological or religious, just how I experience my life as I see it in relation to what I believe the Course teaches us.   As a source, I have used the very first section in the Course Text, which lists fifty “Principles of Miracles.” (ACIM, p.1, Chapter 1.)  I think the heart of what the Course says lies in these brief explanations of how miracles work.   Also, in a short while you will begin seeing my reviews of a number of spiritual books. These reviews are being prepared as a network member of Speakeasy, North Carolina.  I intend these reviews to represent an honest opinion of the writer’s work.  I hope you enjoy all the writings and find them helpful in your personal life. I have enjoyed studying and working with the Course for over 35 years now, almost on a daily basis.  It has changed my life to the better, not always the easier, but surely to the better.  Bob Pajer, author of the Blog:  50MiraclePrinciples.

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