While being a good student in this world, the scripts I write, I teach very well with the utmost of sincerity.  I seek others to play their assigned roles, I secure very willing funding from my ego’s myriad forms of control, I produce the play.  And then proceed to “live” it seems at times, too many times, without the principles of A Course in Miracles in my radar, which has been my constant companion for many years.  ( I have disproved the actuaries who predict age.) Yet, Jesus, the author of the Course, is always telling me just what I am doing and what perhaps I will continue doing, as long as I so chose. The theater is always open, the stage well constructed, the show  continues. I have grown to love this, although I do despair during moments of Truth as many do, because in the end I have to leave it all in a tiny speck of time, in a place that will no longer be what I think it is,  thinking surely what I produced must mean something.   As to the disappointment of realizing it the show doesn’t go on,  Jesus says simply, that this is how it is, not that it has to be, but just what I want, which in fact is what I don’t want. And somehow, by the trick of changing my mind about my mind, I have found happiness out of it all.  It’s the greatest show on earth —  by I, self and me, reinterpreted by Him Who knows my, and your, calls for Love, no matter how tiny, are met with all the meaning I search for.  Even in the form of my regret, disappointment, depression, resentment.   I believe my best show, like all “-isms”, as if true, are only coming to know more and more, it is in Truth only an illusion. I was a little shocked by Kenneth’s characterizing our dream world as “cannibalism”.) That’s a little strong for me, I thought. Yet Kenneth understood the extent of our egos and their “power”, sans being.

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