We cannot think or act apart from God. The “we” word in this sentence means, as God’s children we are all joined as a thought in God’s mind. I do not think we can comprehend this, which is the only truth there is, in this world. And that is why we are here. Because we can’t comprehend it. It is a loving thought from a loving Creator Who only wants us to accept it, for it is how He is. And, How He is, we are. If we see this differently, we are not.  However, our seeing doesn’t matter.  It is Christ’s vision in us that does.   Our so called life in this world is a dream of vision by an ego that only knows how to dream. The beautiful Mind that we are, however, allow us to ready our false self to rejoin with God, in the Atonement.  In fact, to be restored to sanity. So don’t try to get rid of your false self too soon.  (As if we could.) It leaves us when we are ready, in God’s time, not ours.  Our thoughts are thought within God’s mind, where they were placed by His Will. They have never left this place. What God wills joined together we cannot separate, put asunder. Our true Self has never left its holy Origin. I can only dream this is otherwise. But a dream, sleeping or waking, is fundamentally a wish. Fulfillment of this wish is a part of the dream only. God does not enter my dream because He does not know anything apart from His perfect love.  So I don’t pray that He come down here to make nice.  He gave me, all of us, His perfect love to extend to all of His creations,  and by extending, having in greater and greater amounts for all of His creations. Although “amounts” is probably a poor choice of words, for the “all”  is based on perception; and perception is not knowledge, which does not exist in this world. If it did there would be no world, because the world is separated from God and that is not possible.  Of course we can make the world up.  As we have.  The results are obvious and will always confuse us in determining who we are and where we came from, the quest of everyone here.  This is a personal as well as a question about everyone else here.  However, God made us as co-creator.  And as God’s co-creators our only function here now is to forgive all, to remove all of our dreams of blocks to love so that we can fulfill our greatest function, in Him, through Him and with Him — the endless extension of His love for us. This joining is the meaning of Creation. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is Light.”, Jesus said.  His message is in joining, in At-onement, through the Light he brings to us. Our understanding of this leads to its acceptance through appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude for all of God’s children.  I am as God created me, no matter whatever else I believe.  We will join Jesus in his message as Christ, that this is true for everyone.  Where Christ is, God is.  We will do this in joining together in the unity of the Holy Spirit, or we won’t do it at all.  But, until we do, we really have no meaning.

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