Accepting God’s Gifts

Today I am truly in God’s hands, just as He created me. My thoughts are His; as spirit, I see with Christ’s vision, my Higher Self.  I hear with His hearing. When I am tempted to see differently I will not succumb to feeling guilty. It is simply the old idea I can think secretly, hiding the illusion of separation. I cannot think apart from God.  My healing always takes place at the level of my thought. My separation thoughts are the only problem I have.  Rethinking my interpretation of them with the Holy Spirit as my only Guide is the only solution. I know I am entering into the glory of God, as is the world. Through Him and in Him, in my every thought of Him. We are  God’s children.  As I know and accept this, I will save the world, as will all His Children.

This is God’s day. I am not alone. I have gifts to give. My first is this day, to You Father, spread to all of your children. And now I rest in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I have no idea what the world is for, or about. I ask for nothing because, Father, You have given all.  As we all are c0-creators with Him,  I give all to all.

“love one another as I have loved you” John 13:34.

I am as you created me, Father. I will bring only that into my heart as I see my brothers and sisters as You created them:  in Your blessed unity with me and You. I cannot separate them out from one another, from me, nor You. This is Your blessed Sonship. We are all equal in Your Oneness, all in All. None are more nor less beautiful, none there to give me what I think I lack. None have what I think is missing in me. None have taken my place in my relationship with You. All have equal access to You, Father. None deserve anything less than my appreciation, for that is my access to You. Your children are not bodies. They freely abide in Your mind with me. I cannot diminish their holiness and expect to know myself. I will always feel a loss in my myself when I try to use your child for what I think are my interests. Love is seeing my interests ahead of no one’s. I am as you created me, Father. I will bring only that into my heart today.


One might think it logical that when we are experiencing pleasure we are indeed happy. Happiness, however, is of our Source, Who only knows it as an eternal state of mind, our inheritance. It cannot be here and not here, a changeable state of mind.  To recognize this is to experience happiness. Although I may feel discomforted I am able to be comfortable because I know real happiness is mine and that it is only my self-imposed suffering that causes me to feel otherwise.  Once we recognize our mind is in God’s mind as One, a unified whole with all of His children, happiness cannot be not our whole state of mind.

Every Loving Thought is True. Truth is Eternal

How lovely to watch you lovely child of God. You know a place of peace, wanting all of us only to know of that place. “Let us seek this place together,” I hear you say. Yet, so often I didn’t hear your gift. Still, you are our spiritual leader, teaching peace we knew not of. Just 17, when I entered your life, you wanted me to hear just this one message, teach only love for that is what you are. I think, sometimes you wondered how you would ever be able to tell us what was in your heart.  Though I saw you struggling to bring it to us to hear. But your kind expression taught me that love is with us always.  How sad you must have been when something just the opposite seem to present.  You teach me to  persevere, as I play out the messages of fear right next to the love that is ours. I think no one ever talked to you about these things. Yet, somehow, you passed me the message, the undercurrent of His will for pure and present happiness. No stone unturned to find it. Blessed child of God, I am glad we searched together, stumbling at times, not knowing from whence such disturbances came. No matter. He watched over every moment and made every mistake into what it always is, joy. Now you are gone, well not really. Love requires no seen presence because that is what it is. There’s no more confusion to bother you. You have what we searched for together. His peace. Rest well, sweet lady that you are. Now knowing you are what we sought together. Despair has come and gone. I know that was you becoming you. Love has come and is never gone. Worry not for me. You taught me what your journey was meant to be so I would learn of it to teach us the journey ahead. Peace.




Father, it is only myself I must forgive. I was mistaken when I thought there was another who harmed me and I thought I had to defend myself. Defense is an an attempt to attack You, as You create in perfect peace and will for me to do exactly the same, attack can only hurt me.  It is only I who forgets this as I wait outside the Kingdom. We are your Kingdom, Father. There is no need to wait in darkness in a dream I made for what you have already given me. All that stands in my way is the cloud of nothingness I made. I will walk toward it today surrounded by the love which is Yours and mine forever.

Book Review – Strange Glory, A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Charles Marsh

Book Review: Strange Glory – A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Charles Marsh – 1/7/2016

Charles Marsh leads us on the journey of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s spiritual transformation from a comfortable and privileged childhood in Poland and Berlin, his pursuit of a religious life to one of strife and suffering, and finally death at the hands of the Nazi German terror machine that struck the world from 1930 through 1945. This transformation was brought about by Bonhoeffer’s own scholarly practice and human experience in the midst of one of the worst of times in history that had and continues to have monumental consequences for all humankind. Bonhoeffer was in the end, killed in the Flossenburg Nazi prison concentration camp close to the end of the war.

The journey is highly personal, filled with Bonhoeffer’s own mind exploration and change, discovering his heritage as it relates to the world we see, at times with incredible will to release and reject old ideas supplanted with a humanistic theology, that toward the end of his life becomes his view of “I and thou”, and finally, how we relate to one another under God. And, how inexorably linked this relationship is. Dr. Bonhoeffer’s basic foundation of thought is always a developing conscious contact with God.  Or, perhaps his return to it. It is the human condition that accepts God’s hand, always there, always offering Oneness, seeming from afar, yet right within our own mind. “Christ, community and concreteness” (Page, 57) are the key words Bonhoeffer gives his life for, as an experience that makes living here in this world full of hope and God’s glory in the end. God wills to overwhelm our made up world with Truth and Love. Professor Marsh tells us, The “ ‘enigmatic impenetrable Thou.’ Forgiveness means forgiving people, Bonhoeffer said, and apart from the dynamic of personal encounter, the doctrine of the justification of sins vanishes into thin air.” I interpret that to mean, Jesus’ proclamation he came to take away the sins of the world. And we ignore this by our guilt.

Bonhoeffer implies it is but our encounters with one another that can be holy. If we understood that fully, there would not have been the atrocities Bonhoeffer and so many others have had to experience. As soon as Adam walked away from the Garden in the Genesis story, we are beset with anger, fear, guilt and death. Yet it is Bonhoeffer’s experience that he offers to us instead, always the optimist. One way to interpret Marsh’s biography is that Bonhoeffer, knowing his fate, escaped the terrible depression that surely would tempt anyone, his message was in the end, forgiveness.

Professor Marsh, with great attention to detail, scholarly faith in truthfulness, and compelling story telling, gives us a picture of Bonhoeffer’s full life — including, from what one might see as his practice of rather mundane minor details for one of the twentieth century’s greatest theologians, to some of the greatest isights of our time. For example, we find Dr. Bonhoeffer, very seriously discussing how to dress for a weekend occasion. This is a side of Bonhoeffer that is concrete and worldly.  In Bonhoeffer’s words: “ Regarding the dress-code: please take the light travel suit…A coat is not necessary…If I find a second one, I will take it along. Otherwise we will wear the one in turn.” (This from a letter to his beloved friend, Bethge.)

It is interesting to contrast his care for dress with a very profound statement coming from his own transformation. He proceeds from strong nationalism for his country and its place in history, even its rationalized call to war, to the following statement: “it does nobody any good professing belief in Christ without first being reconciled with his brother or sister — including the non-believer, his brethren of another race, the marginalized, or outcast….Even faith and hope as they enter into eternity are molded by the shape of love. In the end everything must become love…Perfection’s name is love.” Hitler was in power when he said this.

From whence such a change?  From personal suffering and his growing empathy for others, inside and outside his country. One of the upheavals in Bonhoeffer’s thinking comes from his visit to the United States, perhaps his most profound. He meets his fellows at the Union Theological Seminary in 1930, where he as become a teaching fellow. His education is beyond some of the most famous teachers there including Reinhold Niebuhr, who is about to become one of the world’s most revered theologians.  Bonhoeffer’s theological thinking begins to take on a much more relational approach, as he sees America’s own “question,” not unlike the German “Jewish question,” the African American question, which cannot make any sense in light of our democracy and constitution. Neither makes any sense as exposed to Jesus’ message of equal children under one Father. Bonhoeffer’s great love for the Sermon on the Mount is now seriously challenged, once to the point of another rationalization:  “even murder can be sanctified in the defense of one’s country.” As to the Beatitudes, the foundation of Jeus’ teaching, “Applying the Beatitudes concretely to the present age is ‘meaningless’ and ‘impracticable,’ as Marsh relates in Bonhoeffer’s words, …”…and goes against ‘the spirit of Christ, who brought freedom from the law.’”

While in New York City, Bonhoeffer meets his life time friend, Frank Fisher, and it becomes clear in the biography that this African American man had enormous influence on the rest of Bonhoeffer’s life and thought, as Fisher tells Bonhoeffer of the inconsistencies of his experience in American democracy and Christianity as a Black man. Bonhoeffer also meets Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., Pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.  He regards him as a great teacher. These moments of truth as Bonhoeffer experiences them had a life long affect on his theology and life as a humanist.

This wonderfully crafted biography can remind us that the only way to remain non-dualistic in a world contrived on the concept dualism, a world that believes we are, and somehow should be, separated from God is to come to recognize God as One, that there is only the Oneness of our Creator, a loving Father Who, because of His love for us, must allow us to go down the path of separation. There is, however, no such path. Only a dream of its possibility. While we seek for it here and even search for ways to accommodate God at times, even to grant Him a place in our constant business of trying to make illusion real, false gods real, small selves to take the place of the one Self forever in unity with God, on and on, we fail. War, murder, disregard for the sanctity of each other are the stuff of self reliance and selfishness, which cannot find a place in God’s heart.  Nor can we find our place there, as sure as it is. Yet, optimism comes from a grateful heart. Bonhoeffer’s proclivity it seems for such a response to man’s mistakes, is his message. In effect, he was fulfilling Jesus’ message of communion through God’s Love: we are never alone, we have not left the Kingdom, the Atonement (At-one-ment) is the only answer to awake from the dream of hell, and finding ourselves in the loving arms of our Father.

The Father we have, in Truth, never left. People kill each other, defame each other, use each other, take from one another, fight in defense of what we think we need, or for what we fear we will lose, to support a thought system that does not even exist, for it is outside God’s mind, taking place in a dream. Yes, we do think it real, and our thoughts about it seem to make it real. However, as Bonhoeffer was able to do, we can think differently, and see differently in the worst of circumstances. We can think what we want: God’s way, in the joining that was never lost, or our way. We, in reality, cannot think apart from God. We are in His Mind. War and killing are only dreamed in the Mind of God. And it is there where we are all restored to sanity, those who kill and those who die at their hand, for Heaven cannot know hell.

Bonhoeffer was not a martyr, nor was Jesus. Jesus for sure knew
God’s plan, recognizing (re-knowing) His Truth.  Seeing Truth, being saved for its glory, involves no sacrifice.  I believe Bonhoeffer knew this from the moment as a child he decided to bring the Truth to us from God.  Reviewed by Bob Pajer

I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.

God’s Judgment

God does judge me. This is His judgement: you are My holy son, as I created you. I am never judged for my deeds nor for my errors, but certainly by them.  My deeds are either of vanity or of love.  My vanity is rooted in fear, as is the suffering it brings.  It comforts me to know, that what does not come from God, does not exist; and,therefore  I need be concerned only with love and removal of all blocks to love, all judgment of myself and others.  Love is what I am.  I will always teach what I believe I am, proceeding to learn of it anew.  What I teach I will learn. Today, I will teach only love, for that is what I am.  This affirmation is already so, always was so, and always will be so. Today I choose to let go of all vanity and not oppose God’s judgement of me.  I am just as God created me:  wholly His, wholly His child, wholly among all His children, all wholly one with Him — as I am with my brothers and sisters.

Book Review: Pray Like a Gourmet by David Brazzeal

Reviewed by Bob Pajer

“Pray Like a Gourmet” by David Brazzeal

Thank heaven for this book. When we pray we, for the moment, are forgetting our false self and addressing our Self, God’s creation. If the prayer is for some evil thing, which does happen in this world, it will be corrected by God. God has given us a Corrector and Comforter for our evil ways and mistakes. The only thing that can change this (or at most feel we need change anything) is our own delusional thinking and great propensity for trying to make the unreal real. So prayers are always answered and all are on the rung of our own particular ladder of salvation. We do not need to be saved from anything, but we need saving for the glory God wills for us. And what God wills will be.

I enjoyed reading Brazzeal’s approach to praying and his metaphorical descriptions of food. Food is a perfectly good metaphor for spirituality. No one can eat for us; no one can be spiritual for us. We have to ingest our own level of spirituality to absorb the exact nature of our becoming ready to have God take the final step, joining Him where he created us, where we belong, next to Him in His Kingdom, where we no longer need to pray, just be grateful. That is why acknowledging a grateful heart is so powerful here in this world. It is the state of mind of Heaven. Pure gratitude for our Father and His Creation. Once we are in the Light that is all we know. And there is nothing to ask for. Nothing to want. The wonderful Psalm 23 tells us all about this. Our Shepherd provides everything. All has been given to us. All has been told to us. The message is clear. It is very sad that few choose to listen. However, God has a plan that includes everyone (all in One.) God’s plan will not fail.

How we pray is really not that important, so Brazzeal’s ideas and suggestions are all helpful ways of addressing our Creator. But we need to be sure we are ever mindful of the pronoun: our. We cannot pray alone because we are not alone. The world has blown creation apart in our minds and made it into something that divides us by boundaries. Walls, the citadel, bodies, thoughts we think are private, our own space, our own separated identity, special hate relationships and special love relationships that have little to do with love, ignoring that there is only one relationship, the unity we have with each other and God. Some here call this unity Christ, some the Buddha Mind, others At-onement. It does not matter. We are all One in Unity with God. A Sonship that worships and adores its One Father. No one in the world ever escapes this. We can hide it. But hiding does not take away anything from what it is we are trying to hide. Denial can draw a curtain on even the loveliest of all gifts: God’s Light. But we cannot put that Light out for it carries the Love of God, the only power that exists.

Prayer is turning our attention to All, the Power in us, which being in us is connected to God. This we cannot change, for it is unchangeable. That is why the prayer of a grateful heart is so important as Brazzeal writes and Meister Eckhart tells us: “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”

I am yet to find an answer to what I find missing in this book: our prayers for the “enemy.” There really are no enemies, Jesus taught. He forgives everything and he’s good at it. Even to the brink of his leaving us at the hand of those who found his approach to life so powerful and yet so threatening we had to kill him to silence him once and for all. Yet he forgave, to show us through an extreme example, not of sacrifice, that you can’t kill God’s Son or Daughter (you and I as well.) Now the folks who think you can, need our prayers. They are our brothers and sisters. I hear no prayers for them. No blessings for them. Those who carry the weapons and want so much to obliterate Truth. And of course discover (hopefully) they can’t. The shepherd’s word does not mean “stop wanting.” It means we can’t want. Like all the 10 Commandments at a deeper spiritual level mean ‘We can’t…..” Not thou shalt not… God’s laws, our gifts from Him, cannot be broken. Not just that it would be wise not to break them because  punishment will follow. If we wish to try, we will of course, “wish to try” over and over again and applying Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result (one we wish for but will not get.  Not get because of God’s mercy.)  Every attack (given or received) in this world) is pointless, causeless, delusional, and without effect. I know we believe there are justified attacks. However, Jesus proved this otherwise.  We are “out there” and he is “in here” because of our refusal to listen to him.  He, Christ, waits patiently. There are prayers we can say that are meant to help us avoid attacking our brothers and sisters. How wonderful it would be if we include these in our list of types of prayers. One being, “Father, show us how to see this differently.”

We need a special, but no so special, place on the menu for praying for our enemies. Our brothers and sisters who know not what they do. Perhaps if the wold gathered together and said such a prayer our madness would take on the power of God’s correction. That we don’t has nothing to do with the Corrector and Comforter mercifully working on us and through us.

My daily prayers are, frequently moment to moment: (1. ) “Thank You for Your Creation, Father. Thank You for restoring us to sanity. Thank you for giving us the gift and power of blessing in this world. “(Person), I bless you in the name of our Father.”) or,

(2.) “Brother/sister you are making a mistake at this moment. I see you are calling for love. Let me detach from your mistake with Love and call upon Our Father for you because you can’t seem to at this moment.
I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.


Altars are places we go to worship and generate feelings of closeness to God — feelings of connection and peace. A place where we can dream there is a place outside us that reminds us of something inside us that is truth. We should go I think. But I’m half hearted. How nice it would be to sit quietly and listen to some greater power instill in me an understanding of that aspect of me that seeks and strives to know what I am, where I came from, who put me here.  Some answers.  Yet I would dismiss the truth, for I cannot really imagine truth.  It moves me when I am ready to hear it.  The missing link in a chain of wondering beads I continuously pass from one touch of my first, second and third fingers of my right hand each day, on this iPad, now like a modern rosary, as I kneel, trying to see what these eyes can’t. I know not what I see. For I have yet to choose seeing. Who, or what, might help me with these incessant, ever present concerns? So far I think only within the tangled web I haven woven to feed on the darkness I made.  But there is one who has all the answers I will ever seek: you. With your power we will let down the veil over the real altar I have hidden for so long. Eons of made up, and wasted, time. When Love was there, as He always is, for me to see, or not to see, as I choose. This altar, now born to these tired eyes, is in you. He placed it there for me to worship, as I sit in stillness, in awe, as I now know Him, in you and in me. All loving thoughts are true. There are no questions now.


Joined in the goal of Atonement, brother/sister, we carry a light that pierces the darkness I thought real, forever. And, the stars now glow even in the light, the firmament so magnificent that carries Your message: their distance is but a dream. In Your mercy each shines on the abounding errors I bring that appeared to have blocked your Love from me, Father, and find only Love requires nothing. I need do nothing. My searching ends in yet one more dream here, forgiveness, a mirror of Your love in a world I’ve made that seems to hide it; for my mistakes were corrected the moment I conceived the mad idea I could have a mind separate from Yours.