Reviewed by Bob Pajer

“Pray Like a Gourmet” by David Brazzeal

Thank heaven for this book. When we pray we, for the moment, are forgetting our false self and addressing our Self, God’s creation. If the prayer is for some evil thing, which does happen in this world, it will be corrected by God. God has given us a Corrector and Comforter for our evil ways and mistakes. The only thing that can change this (or at most feel we need change anything) is our own delusional thinking and great propensity for trying to make the unreal real. So prayers are always answered and all are on the rung of our own particular ladder of salvation. We do not need to be saved from anything, but we need saving for the glory God wills for us. And what God wills will be.

I enjoyed reading Brazzeal’s approach to praying and his metaphorical descriptions of food. Food is a perfectly good metaphor for spirituality. No one can eat for us; no one can be spiritual for us. We have to ingest our own level of spirituality to absorb the exact nature of our becoming ready to have God take the final step, joining Him where he created us, where we belong, next to Him in His Kingdom, where we no longer need to pray, just be grateful. That is why acknowledging a grateful heart is so powerful here in this world. It is the state of mind of Heaven. Pure gratitude for our Father and His Creation. Once we are in the Light that is all we know. And there is nothing to ask for. Nothing to want. The wonderful Psalm 23 tells us all about this. Our Shepherd provides everything. All has been given to us. All has been told to us. The message is clear. It is very sad that few choose to listen. However, God has a plan that includes everyone (all in One.) God’s plan will not fail.

How we pray is really not that important, so Brazzeal’s ideas and suggestions are all helpful ways of addressing our Creator. But we need to be sure we are ever mindful of the pronoun: our. We cannot pray alone because we are not alone. The world has blown creation apart in our minds and made it into something that divides us by boundaries. Walls, the citadel, bodies, thoughts we think are private, our own space, our own separated identity, special hate relationships and special love relationships that have little to do with love, ignoring that there is only one relationship, the unity we have with each other and God. Some here call this unity Christ, some the Buddha Mind, others At-onement. It does not matter. We are all One in Unity with God. A Sonship that worships and adores its One Father. No one in the world ever escapes this. We can hide it. But hiding does not take away anything from what it is we are trying to hide. Denial can draw a curtain on even the loveliest of all gifts: God’s Light. But we cannot put that Light out for it carries the Love of God, the only power that exists.

Prayer is turning our attention to All, the Power in us, which being in us is connected to God. This we cannot change, for it is unchangeable. That is why the prayer of a grateful heart is so important as Brazzeal writes and Meister Eckhart tells us: “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”

I am yet to find an answer to what I find missing in this book: our prayers for the “enemy.” There really are no enemies, Jesus taught. He forgives everything and he’s good at it. Even to the brink of his leaving us at the hand of those who found his approach to life so powerful and yet so threatening we had to kill him to silence him once and for all. Yet he forgave, to show us through an extreme example, not of sacrifice, that you can’t kill God’s Son or Daughter (you and I as well.) Now the folks who think you can, need our prayers. They are our brothers and sisters. I hear no prayers for them. No blessings for them. Those who carry the weapons and want so much to obliterate Truth. And of course discover (hopefully) they can’t. The shepherd’s word does not mean “stop wanting.” It means we can’t want. Like all the 10 Commandments at a deeper spiritual level mean ‘We can’t…..” Not thou shalt not… God’s laws, our gifts from Him, cannot be broken. Not just that it would be wise not to break them because  punishment will follow. If we wish to try, we will of course, “wish to try” over and over again and applying Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result (one we wish for but will not get.  Not get because of God’s mercy.)  Every attack (given or received) in this world) is pointless, causeless, delusional, and without effect. I know we believe there are justified attacks. However, Jesus proved this otherwise.  We are “out there” and he is “in here” because of our refusal to listen to him.  He, Christ, waits patiently. There are prayers we can say that are meant to help us avoid attacking our brothers and sisters. How wonderful it would be if we include these in our list of types of prayers. One being, “Father, show us how to see this differently.”

We need a special, but no so special, place on the menu for praying for our enemies. Our brothers and sisters who know not what they do. Perhaps if the wold gathered together and said such a prayer our madness would take on the power of God’s correction. That we don’t has nothing to do with the Corrector and Comforter mercifully working on us and through us.

My daily prayers are, frequently moment to moment: (1. ) “Thank You for Your Creation, Father. Thank You for restoring us to sanity. Thank you for giving us the gift and power of blessing in this world. “(Person), I bless you in the name of our Father.”) or,

(2.) “Brother/sister you are making a mistake at this moment. I see you are calling for love. Let me detach from your mistake with Love and call upon Our Father for you because you can’t seem to at this moment.
I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.

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