God does judge me. This is His judgement: you are My holy son, as I created you. I am never judged for my deeds nor for my errors, but certainly by them.  My deeds are either of vanity or of love.  My vanity is rooted in fear, as is the suffering it brings.  It comforts me to know, that what does not come from God, does not exist; and,therefore  I need be concerned only with love and removal of all blocks to love, all judgment of myself and others.  Love is what I am.  I will always teach what I believe I am, proceeding to learn of it anew.  What I teach I will learn. Today, I will teach only love, for that is what I am.  This affirmation is already so, always was so, and always will be so. Today I choose to let go of all vanity and not oppose God’s judgement of me.  I am just as God created me:  wholly His, wholly His child, wholly among all His children, all wholly one with Him — as I am with my brothers and sisters.

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