How lovely to watch you lovely child of God. You know a place of peace, wanting all of us only to know of that place. “Let us seek this place together,” I hear you say. Yet, so often I didn’t hear your gift. Still, you are our spiritual leader, teaching peace we knew not of. Just 17, when I entered your life, you wanted me to hear just this one message, teach only love for that is what you are. I think, sometimes you wondered how you would ever be able to tell us what was in your heart.  Though I saw you struggling to bring it to us to hear. But your kind expression taught me that love is with us always.  How sad you must have been when something just the opposite seem to present.  You teach me to  persevere, as I play out the messages of fear right next to the love that is ours. I think no one ever talked to you about these things. Yet, somehow, you passed me the message, the undercurrent of His will for pure and present happiness. No stone unturned to find it. Blessed child of God, I am glad we searched together, stumbling at times, not knowing from whence such disturbances came. No matter. He watched over every moment and made every mistake into what it always is, joy. Now you are gone, well not really. Love requires no seen presence because that is what it is. There’s no more confusion to bother you. You have what we searched for together. His peace. Rest well, sweet lady that you are. Now knowing you are what we sought together. Despair has come and gone. I know that was you becoming you. Love has come and is never gone. Worry not for me. You taught me what your journey was meant to be so I would learn of it to teach us the journey ahead. Peace.



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