Today I am truly in God’s hands, just as He created me. My thoughts are His; as spirit, I see with Christ’s vision, my Higher Self.  I hear with His hearing. When I am tempted to see differently I will not succumb to feeling guilty. It is simply the old idea I can think secretly, hiding the illusion of separation. I cannot think apart from God.  My healing always takes place at the level of my thought. My separation thoughts are the only problem I have.  Rethinking my interpretation of them with the Holy Spirit as my only Guide is the only solution. I know I am entering into the glory of God, as is the world. Through Him and in Him, in my every thought of Him. We are  God’s children.  As I know and accept this, I will save the world, as will all His Children.

This is God’s day. I am not alone. I have gifts to give. My first is this day, to You Father, spread to all of your children. And now I rest in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I have no idea what the world is for, or about. I ask for nothing because, Father, You have given all.  As we all are c0-creators with Him,  I give all to all.

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