Outside the Kingdom, an “outside” which fortunately exists only in our minds where bodies play a primary role in perception, is part of the impossible, the separation.  Bodies are not bad things, nor good things.  Although the ego, while reveling in what it has made, hates the body. It will never tell you why: it would have to convince you how much it hates God. It is therefore its pride and joy, always questioned and studied as to its origin, always protected and defended. The Holy Spirit, our ticket to restoration to sanity, holds the body as a device for communication with us.  He/she is not deterred by our decision to not communicate equally.  Pride depends on inequality because it always places our minds as separate from one another to strike bargains, to enter competitions with one another, to dominate, oppress —   so one wins one loses, something.  We can be proud of our achievements and abilities, but never comfortable with the underlying awareness we will lose them, nor ever comfortable knowing our bodies will fail to give us the power to go on achieving. Some of us give up.  Sadly, because time is running out in an effort to  gain what we think we don’t have.  Nothing of God “runs out.”

We might, along the way try joy and happiness. Yet, because we are separated in our bodies, we search for the causes of these states in what others do, or how we are treated. And suffer disappointment.

What God would have us know is that happiness, joy and peace are our birthright, our inheritance, all belonging to us.  Like all inheritances they can be rejected.  Yet we cannot change them,  for God wills each to be so. Therefore, what belongs to us, we make not available; what does not, we try to make forever ours, or exchange it for a puny investment.  We invest poorly for certain.  But what is of value grows in our hearts until we are ready to accept it for the abundance that it is.  It is ours because  the only joy in having it is the joy of giving  it away.  We are His image.  For He  gives all to all.

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