“The physical structure of the universe is love.” –Teilhard de Chardin

And therefore we are the universe.  God is love and therefore so are we.  We are the extension of our Source.  As love, we are as our Source.  As love,  we extend love.  We have no other function.  You might say, “What fun is that?”  What about all we have to do, all we must accomplish, all we must gather unto ourselves, all we must gain.  Don’t fret.  We are not talking about the ephemeral.  We are rejoicing in the eternalness of life.  All there is.  We are not physical, yet we are the universe.  God in letting be, loving, extends and extends on and on, Her love for us.  She shines it upon us and the moments we do catch this idea, we are in the glory of God.  Yet, when we don’t, we are in the glory of God as well.  God’s love of us is not dependent upon our awareness, which, when we look upon the world, without forgiveness, we see is rare.  The glory of God always shines on us.  Whether we allow it to shine through us is up to us.  On us, means eternally on us.  We can’t change that.  “Through us” is a choice on our part.  God does not make choices about His children.  They are.  They are His Kingdom.  And He does not change His mind about His children.

Many people here think that we are evolving to our place with God. That we were born with sin.  That somehow our innocense has been taken from us, or we gave it up.  That perhaps God’s love is now to be bargained for, fought for, even killed for.  That we arrive here in this world bereft of it, either losing it along the way, or deciding we won’t have it.  The good news is, well, we don’t get to make this choice.  The only  choice we make is acceptance.  Acceptance is accepting a gift.  We can accept or not accept the things we can’t change.  But such things remain changeless.  We can deny an inheritance, but we cant change it.  We cannot change what is changeless, and the only thing that is changeless is God.  What God created always was, us.  Her children in whom She is well pleased.  We need do nothing to achieve the status of God’s children.  We are, as He says we are.  We do need to get out of the way of ourselves, the small self, the ego, the me.  This is the block to God’s love, made up by us.  How?  Just a thought will do it.  When?  No need to ask how we placed ourselves in this position.  Because there is no position we think we are in.  It might be more helpful to ask, “Why did we separate from God 10 minutes ago?” There are so many ways the ego has devised for claiming separation, there’s no use trying to figure out why.  It might be enough to say, “I just want to be God.”  Or, perhaps better: ” I Want to be the god I made up.”  There is no way to be God.  God is God.  And I am not God.  Although God has given me All.  As His Son, I share with you everything He is.

To be given All really means All, everything save one thing, I can’t be God.  I can’t be my Father, is perhaps a way of understanding that in our made up world of a god who seems angry and frightening and makes it Ok to use his name to kill others in his name.  Or, do whatever nonsense we choose to do here in a world that in fact does not exists only  in our minds, sans God.

God has given us everything.  “Thou shalt not want.”, means we have it all and there’s nothing to want.  We can dream of things we think we need, but that’s not what God intended in his giving all to All.  The easiest way to see this for me is to think of what is eternal and what is not.  If what I seek is eternal that’s what I already have.  If I seek what is temporary, that is what I cannot have.  Meaning I can’t make anything eternal.  Although, I might try.  Its Ok.  Not to worry.  All mistakes are corrected by the Holy Spirit, God’s Guide and Voice here, given to us by Jesus in his love for his brothers and sisters.  As Christ, from His Oneness with God. There is no sin in this world because Jesus taught us otherwise.  No mistakes, really no mistakes, that are not corrected within the love and light of the Holy Spirit.  Just love one another as I have love you, Jesus teaches.  And that is how Jesus loves us.  RGP

Peace good brothers and sisters.