Wallow A Bit

Let the darkness come.
I called it
Not for peace and understanding
But to wallow a bit.

Maybe to ask just this:
I’m lost again,
Help me find Our way.
Walk with me again,
On that path you showed me,
Through the woods
Where the ocean opened before us
Smashing its power upon the rocks
That only seem to hold greater Purpose.
Yet will become
The sea’s
Very floor, in time.

Where you say, “You will yet know
Peace, my brother.”

And, where you teach that
All is mine to give, lose nothing
And gain everything.

You say, “Love is like that,
Yet beyond all my thoughts
Of nothing,
That have no meaning in time.”

It is our choice, time; not God’s.
Yet, it is now we awaken and watch the show before us.
By the mightiest invitation ever known.



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