On Conspire 2016 — A Conspiracy of God Conference Series, July 15 – July 17, 2016. A Conspiracy for God Conference. Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM.

July 19, 2016: On my return trip to Seattle from the conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

What to think of such a meeting of two or more gathered together in his name, where Jesus says he’ll be. I thought of some things he might want me to know from my attendance to this forum of forgiveness, seeing “everything belongs” as just that —

Jesus, as usual you have placed me where I need to be. Planted these old feet on holy ground, to feel your miracle once again this day: to hear James, Jennifer, Christina, and Mirabai and others speak and tell us your story, touching once more the song “driving all things toward union, attraction, and cosmic sympathy…..(Teilhard de Chardin, SJ.) The melody goes on, as a never ending harmony, as the Voice of Peace selects the just right cadence, endings and beginnings, to blend heavenly with our notes, from our sad phrases joining with notes known, and unknown, from You our Guide and Counselor, always seeking Our Father for us and with us until it is done. The song we thought we heard so eerily, just a faint and too far away quiver on a sorrowful string, to now become the grandeur and magnificence it was always meant to be. As usual, you would remind us, Jesus, thereby, there are no wrong notes, just better choices. You left us with, instead of sin, “Brother (sister), choose again.” “There is nothing to fear.” The HS, our Alchemist-in-Charge, knows perfectly the refrain of this eternal melody, its cantabiles, con brios, modulations, returning themes, variations, the entrances of each subject, countersubject, false subject, sequence, — and its silence. Jesus, you say in our moments of concern about this sad world, “Be still and know that I am God.” Above all, a masterful and perfect coda for teaching only what we are, Love, which holds no grievances. Seek no more. Retain the happiness we felt together, it was His grace to tell us again it is why you are here in this world. Happiness beats being “right”. God doesn’t do sad. You do. Yet it is but your call for love, dear brothers and sisters; answered here only as a reflection of Our Father’s love, as we forgive. For It alone guarantees our happiness and our only way to return to His Kingdom.

Peace good brothers and sisters. In the sunlight of the Spirit, we’ll surely do this again.

Bob Pajer

(These remarks are entirely the opinion of the author who had the privilege of attending and may not reflect the opinion of the conference presenters.)

Parenting Without Regret, by Jimmy and Laura Seibert, remarks by Bob Pajer

“Parenting Without Regret” is an interesting book to read.  Beyond the idea the authors present, which is to incorporate Jesus’ teachings in parenting, I find I have different belief’s about Jesus and his message.  I don’t argue with other peoples personal beliefs generally, and specifically when such beliefs concern another person’s spirituality.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to share my beliefs about how I think about parenting, now that I am much older and my three wonderful children have grown into their 50’s.  I also have no regrets like the author’s express.  However, my reasons may be quite different than the reasons given in this book.  I try not to regret the past.  If there are better choices about parenting I am aware of now, and there are, it is better for me to enter the process of making amends rather than feel regret.  Energy is best spent in the moment, not on being sorry over past decisions, which as it is with all that has past, the reality about it is its now not here.

This does not mean the changes that have over the years come to my thinking about parenting are not based on learning from the past.  They are, and they are very significant and play a major role in how I interact with my children today.  These are  changes which I believe are a part of my everyday interaction with my now grown up children. God’s grace has played the major role, perhaps the only role, in the current gifts of parenting.  Given what I know now and how I think today toward them, the following is what I strive to teach today. Some of it is in accordance with the teachings in the Siebert’s book.  But I will leave that to you to decide what is and what is not, if you decide to the Seibert’s book.

Jesus’ teaching is always about love. Thus our teaching at all times must be the same. In this world we love in the form of forgiveness.

We don’t have to earn or make sacrifices for love, it is our inheritance and we have never been without it, nor will we ever be without it. It is our choice to recognize it, or not.

Ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance in your thinking and behavior. Believe me, if you will, he is around.  But, check out the question and the answer with a skin and bones trusted friend

Everyone in this world makes mistakes, because the world itself is our mistake, occurring from our separation from God. However, God never stops loving us and every mistake we make is corrected by the Holy Spirit.

God is perfect and so are we, as we are as God created us.

Everyone in this world is Spirit. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We strive to do our best in whatever we do.  Our bodies can be trusted learning devices while we are here, if we choose to join with the Holy Spirit in using them as such.  They are neutral and completely controlled by our minds.

Our experience here in this world is not real because nothing separated from God can be real. We can live best in our separated world by offering service to others through the Holy Spirit, and seeing everyone as a child of God.  Exactly as you are.

God never punishes His children, although many of us think He does. The reason we think this is because we think God can get angry with us when we make a mistake and must meet out punishment to correct us. It is only our own self concept that tells us this.  Since God never punishes, doesn’t even know what it is, we should never punish.

God gave us His Voice in the Holy Spirit, The Corrector, who corrects every mistake we make and helps us to learn of and unlearn all the blocks to love we have made in the name of our mistakes.

As Christians, Jesus is our savior. He came to take away the sins of the world. If you hear someone talk about sin, remind yourself the only sin here is what we form from guilt about our mistakes and poor choices. Thus it might be said the only sin her is forgetting all mistakes are corrected. We do have part in this correction, but the final correction is made at the point of the mistake and it is immediate and we are never punished by God.  Although making stupid mistakes bring pain from the mistake itself.   You can always choose again. The word you will hear is “repent”, which means simply to turn in the right-minded direction. Away from wrongmindedness.

There are miracles going on all the time in this world. They are here to show us the way home to God and His Kingdom. Dear children, you will participate in miracles. Offer yourself to Jesus, remember your only function here is forgiveness, and you will see their striking effects in your lives.

Jesus is in charge of all miracles that relate to this part of God’s plan for your salvation. Just as there is no order to miracles, none bigger than others, there is no order to what we think of as “sin.” We make up sin to appease God thinking He will punish us. It only seems there are some separations bigger than others.  All separation is separation, there are no degrees of it.  Like God wither is, or He isn’t.  In our minds only of course.    God does not condemn and therefore doesn’t forgive. Forgiveness  is our function in this world. God is perfectly innocent and cannot see sin, nor make guilt.  Therefore, no condemnation, no punishment, no nothing negative when it comes to his children.

Thinking you are better than anyone else, or you are not in unity with everyone in this world, all under our Heavenly Father, is a mistake, dear children; and, you will feel guilty because in thinking so, we separate ourselves from God. He never separates from us. We will always feel guilty when we separate from our Source. Even though it is impossible to do so.

My beloved children, never fall into guilty thinking, that there is some price you must pay for a mistaken choice about anything.  You are created in happiness and therefore must be happy.  Misery is optional.  So happiness must be your default.

Remember, children, guilt is what you choose. God will never make you feel guilty, nor should you make others feel guilty.  Which you will  do if you let yourself feel guilty.  We do have a nice way of dealing with guilt: forgiveness.

Special relationships in the world are always our way of trying to prove our special connections with others are about love, as we define love.  God does not make specialness, we do. We do this to prove we can separate from Him.

Alas, the Holy Spirit takes every special relationship and turns it into a Holy Relationship — our true oneness with God, joining with another in relationship with God. Which is the only relationship there is.  Although this is an inevitable result of His work, it will help you if you wake up and watch the show.

Now hold on to your hats:  Jesus is our brother, who through God’s grace while undergoing terrible physical suffering withstood much pain, not because our Father ‘sent His only begotten Son here to be sacrificed for us”, but because Jesus could and did completely avoid making the separated world real for himself. He therefore become the Savior of this world. However, the reality Jesus sees, he sees through Christ’s vision, in Whom our true unity with God remains unchanged by anything we do. Yes, we can make up a separated world, but that does make it real. The only reality is God. And God, as Love, has no opposites, such as a separated world that opposes Him.  Jesus will assure you he walks by you as you  become entirely ready to join him in our return to Our Father.

Do not take this world so seriously, “Wear the world as a lose cloak.” As the Bible tells us. However, remember the Bible does not say it is God’s Word, which resides in you and all of us. We can choose to listen at any time.

Teach humility. Do not judge anything in this world, because you do know the truth about anything. I don’t, and you don’t, have all the facts about anything because we made up what we think we see without conscious contact with God. Relieve yourselves of the terrible burden of judgement and let the Holy Spirt judge for all of us. He does have all the facts.

Never attack a brother or sister, your parents, your own children to be, anyone, for if you do, you will not know yourself. Most people in the world live lifetimes never knowing who they are, where they came from, and why its not a good idea to try to establish any kind of permanence here. The only permanence is in your home in heaven in your own eternal life. This is difficult because we all think we need to defend ourselves. We don’t. If you wind up defending yourself remind yourself its human, back up and protect the truth you know:  all defense is an attack on your own invulnerability. Which is of God.

Jesus says he is no holier than we are, but just be very certain that you avoid ever thinking you are any holier than anyone here.

It is likely you will see much in the world that will bother you, dear children. But remember you are in charge of your perception, although you will surely think otherwise. Our perceptive minds seem to rule our kingdom because they are projections of how we feel:  that all feelings are coming from something outside our minds. There isn’t anything outside your mind.

Notwithstanding your sorrow and suffering, and happiness, either through your own forgiveness or your efforts to forgive all, will be seen as God sees. Cling to the truth, the purity of your heart in all you do, and God will then take the last steps to Him, for you and everyone.

No one gets left behind in salvation. All you really need is a passing grade.  Jesus, and other saviors of the world, wait for everyone, because they will not enter the Kingdom without all God’s children who are all their brother and sisters. There is no mastery of anything here. We can, and will, join Jesus in taking all the tiny steps God asks of us. God shares everything with you and He surely will share your last advance toward Him. He waits, because He is not complete without you.

I love you guys.

An Interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer, Part One.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory, for ever.
Matthew 6:9-13 King James Version (KJV0

There are seven clauses in the Our Father, seven being the number used signifying Self spiritual fulfillment, restoration to our nature as God created us. (According to Emmet Fox, the author who wrote “The Sermon on the Mount”, the eighth clause was added to the prayer, by later Christian writers.) One might say the prayer is about Atonement, conscious contact with God, returning to the Kingdom — our work here on earth including forgiveness, our primary purpose in God’s plan for salvation.

However, not making this personal commitment in our lives does not mean we somehow can escape salvation and our returning to His/Her Love, the Kingdom. It is inevitable, as God does not leave His/Her creations, his children, separated from their Source.

These commentaries cover one clause or sentence in sequence, working eventually through all eight.

The first word, “Our” is highly significant as a beginning. All the pronoun’s in the prayer are key to understanding Jesus’ meaning in writing the prayer. One can imagine his apostles and disciples happily, perhaps at times not so happily, following him but I suppose frequently wondering what he meant in his sayings, sayings that would completely turn what the world believes up-side-down. His disciples wanted to be like him and do as he did. Prayer falling into this category. They ask him to instruct them in how to pray. The Lord’s Prayer is his answer.

How inclusive is this word, “Our.” It is the possessive pronoun that includes all of us. Everyone. When we express it, no one is left out. If we exclude one person, the the meaning of the word is clearly changed into an exclusionary expression and the prayer then becomes something other than what it clearly is. “Our” means everyone on earth, in heaven, or any other place we might think there is. Your house, my house, your friends and “enemies”, and my friends and “enemies.” Heaven and hell. Which on earth means either one or the other. Heaven is real, hell is made up to house “enemies’, that are also made up, contrived to house our own fear.

God is Our Father. Everyone’s Father. At this point we have to remove ourselves from thinking “our” in the sense we at times use the term on earth. For one, on earth what is ours has been given to us and the giver cannot get it back. However, In the sense the word is used in the prayer, along with the act of being a Father, God, All, is given and received at once and forever.  What God has given was never not given, nor will ever not be given. God is eternal, and we will learn later, so are we.

Giving and receiving are the same. And, secondly, we base all of our perception in this world on what has been self learned for the human mind, which is based on projection, within the context of our egos.   God does not project. He extends. God extends to receive, as we can do here on earth, but most frequently do not. Giving away our love that resides in us, is the very nature of how our Spirit exists so that having is being. Which amounts to a gain in Love, and never a loss of Love. We gain Love by giving it away. If we don’t give it away we cannot keep it.

The word “Our” then has a very important spiritual meaning as we address God in the first sentence of the prayer. One is vertical to and from God, and the other is horizontal, to and from one another. This clearly describes the foundation for God’s creation, which is to and from His children, and amongst His children.

This does help us to understand God’s very nature, which we will learn here is our very nature. Father is a suitable metaphor in the sense that the relationship between father and son, loving, kind, thoughtful, sharing, extending, compassionate, forgiving, even here on earth can never change.  Is is all we are required to accept. Therefore, acceptance is a gift, never a sacrifice.  And it is especially grounded in holiness. I cannot be my father, no one else can be my father,yet others can share the same Father, my father can have other children, but none will change our relationship.

Yet being of the same father also sets offspring as having a particular relationship with one another, based on the nature of fatherhood and childhood. I believe Jesus uses this expression to establish our relationship with God and God’s relationship with God’s children. And our relationship with one another then describes God’s nature, His “name”, which has special meaning int he Bible. To name something is to speak of its nature.

We may not be able to experience the Oneness of God here on earth, which includes our Oneness with Him. From our perspective, this world we made has little to do with the unity of Father and Son, God and Jesus, you and I, we and our Father — being One. Fully sharing interests. It seems the world hasn’t a clue of what this means. If the world did, we would not be in the world which we made to directly oppose such an idea. In fact, the world we make up, without God, is the rests on the insane idea, we can attack God. We play this out on a daily basis. Read the newspaper, watch television, listen to the news, if you think may not be so.  Although we don’t see taking a life, killing one another for any reason, as an attack on God.

However, if we can just see this relationship as it is, God and His/Her children, being One in Christ, (or other references to Enlightenment) we are able to see the true meaning of Oneness and the Holy Trinity, and perhaps where Jesus is coming from in this use of such a powerful possessive pronoun to begin his prayers. Listen to the use of pronouns throughout the prayer as we proceed.

Prayers have power the power of God’s Love.  For once we think of God’s sense of “Our” as an idea in our minds it will not leave our minds, ever. As with God, ideas do not leave their source. In this case the Source being God. In our Oneness in God’s mind we have never left. Clearly, we think we have, but illusions are not real. Remember, we allowed to make perception here and perception is always based on the projection.  We project what we believe to be, and that whatever it is,can be.  It seems to work this way for Truth as well as illusion, fortunately.

Our thinking is  a closed thought system, which  God allows for in Creation because he cannot not allow the freedom we need to choose His/Her love for his children. We are free to assert our free will. Otherwise His love would not be a gift, but a demand, not complete understanding but forceful disregard.

How freeing is course of life, as it becomes a matter of experience and naturally how we feel. Suffering and pain are not what God has in mind as the effect of Creation, which is only love. Un-forgiveness always the sole cause of all human suffering.  If we choose an illusionary world it will be outside the cause and effect relationship created by God, a relationship that can only be holy and in His/Her Name. Although in truth there is nothing “outside” the cause and effect relationship that exists between God and His/Her children.

So I leave to your imagination what the world is about. And perhaps you will also see why it seems so, so real. We are not dealing with “invention” here but the very mind of the only real Power in the universe, misused of course. Yet, near without the Voice left in us that carries the message of Our Parent to His/Her children. It seems reasonable we can invent what we want and believe it to be real (albeit a belief that makes us struggle dreadfully and, in fact fatally.)

“We are as God created us”, a simple quote from “A Course in Miracles,” Jesus’ second coming here on earth, which lovingly tells the story of God’s love, and that God has no intention of changing His/Her mind about us. No matter how much guilt we build up and suffer in the cause of changing the authorship of ourselves this love is steadfast and eternal.  There is only one effect, Love.

We cannot change the true relationship between God as our Father and in kind our relationship with one another. But, how we try!  Bill Willson, a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and one of the most effective spiritual writers of the 20th century says, “We are totally incapable of forming a true partnership with other human beings.”  (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.)  If we add our “Father” to this claim it makes no sense whatever.  It does make perfect sense when we edge God out — e G o.

“…which art in heaven,” No doubt, Our Father is in heaven and we think not of ourselves.  Most of us believe that some day we’ll arrive there.  Somewhere, outside ourselves.  Some place where our sins will be gone and we will be holy enough to meet the tests God sends us for admission.  There  will be the peace of God.  Admit one.  Finally.  But true only in our circular thought system.

Adam’s only  sin was his inability to form a true partnerships with Eve.  He forgot to forgive and know that God doesn’t forgive because He/She does not condemn.  When we blame another person, our brothers and sisters, we are the mistaken ones.  Thus, in this story of Adam, a different and unforgiving god was born in the mind that made the fatal error:  sin is real, I cannot bear it, let me project it onto another, she’s right here, she made me do it. I am never really lost until I blame someone else.  It is a condition that always blocks us accepting the only thing God can do, love.

There is nothing outside our minds.  Only what we project. And as we project un-forgiveness, we reap it.  At which Our Father is now something else. We are separated because we separated from our brother or sister.    At least think we are.   We do have a choice. Although it will always seem like we don’t if we think there is someone or something out there causing us to think, believe and act differently than Truth deep inside our minds.  In God’s witness protection program perhaps, we know better. We all know better than to see attack as an impossible state in the holy mind of God. (Jesus message on the cross.) And if we are as God created us, which we are, we will always survive suffering of any kind.  Although, that will always be difficult to go through if we don’t believe it.  Jesus did.  For us, and now he awaits our joining him as we trudge our own steps of happy destiny in joining him.

God in heaven will never allow His children to not be with Him. It is not His will to do so. He/She will allow their choosing, because that very choosing  signifies the only pathway to the only love there is, His. (God does not have a gender, which is why I keep shifting back and forth using our terms for God’s children. I never see God as masculine or feminine. God is Love, our true nature, which is also neither masculine or feminine.  Nonetheless, in this world we can look upon each other with respect and honor according to the perspective we have freely chosen.)

In the minds of us all, God will enter a relentless and magnificent idea, 
“My children, I bid you home. I am calling you in the wilderness. You will hear me. All of you, those who listen now and those who will listen to those who have listened. You are all equally my sons and daughters. While you do not see your great Oneness now, I will make the way for you to do so, in lightness and darkness, I will be with you on this journey you made. I am with you always. I can assure you the Power I have given you  will guide you and you will come to know that this Power will cause you to look toward all your brother and sisters as My children. Think not that you may leave any one behind. They all hear the same ancient song as you do, for it calls to their willingness as Truth. The world you have come to know is your forgiven paradise as I reenter every mind that now believes otherwise. Holy am I so that my children are all holy and all equal to one another.”

“Live Like You Give a Damn!, by Tom Sine Book Review by Bob Pajer

For me, reading this book has been an education in how to spend one’s time in the world working very hard to fulfill a responsibility we have toward one another: I am responsible for your welfare because we have the same interests. My belief is we are one in Christ. There is no separation between us. Only a false one. My interests are shared with yours. The world seems otherwise only because we made it so. The world has become fearful and living on a scarcity principle because the world is in an unnatural state of mind. God does not know separation. We do and we insist it is so. To such a degree we will kill and die defending it.

Sine’s book describes various pathways out of this dilemma, the false sense of self that follows it and our insistence we are right and God is wrong. “Live Like You Give a Damn” is about finding ways to make the world a better place by helping others through entrepreneurship and gaining better access to wealth. Sine’s approach for providing this help is interesting. Actually exciting. Or, at least invigorating. Use the very means that drives us as a capitalist society, depending on individual economic success stories that result from meeting the needs and wants of others. Spread the wealth by teaching others how to be successful in teaching and funding business models that bring those who are not in the economic fold and suffer from poverty and loss, those unable to keep up with those who have more, and need help in creating a better life.

I know the feeling of this kind of success. In 1993 I retired from my government job and opened my own consulting firm. Fortunately, I became very successful and worked with all the countries of the former Soviet Union, helping each to revise their product standards to be successful in new global markets. When that project ended I was asked by KPMG – Barents to lead their project in a newly formed country, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in revising their public administration laws from the old Communist system to a more democratic approach that will support entrepreneurship. Sine speaks with great enthusiasm about his work and I understand that. Working on my own and becoming successful was one of the most exciting things I had ever done in my life.

After a successful address at at a Thessaloniki, Greece UN conference on public administration reporting our success in Macedonia, I decided to return to my first love teaching piano and piano performance, moved to the Seattle area and began a successful business doing that. I love the idea of entrepreneurship, which after 17 years I’m still doing. And I think it must be a wonderful way to bring about change in societies suffering from poor economic status. There are many stores in this book regarding help in setting up entrepreneurial programs and other forms of social leadership, and Tom Sine is clearly a leader in showing how its done and helping others begin. The book is a great resource for community leadership programs for churches and other organization. Each chapter ends with a section on “Dreaming and Scheming.” which outlines ways to get started, not just on new ideas for entrepreneurship but how to re-think church as a partner in this kind of approach. Sine invites us all to develop and anticipate in programs like this to help bring the world to a place where God and Jesus are involved in the work we do, all for finding new roles for the church in helping societies bring success to a God driven world.

Jesus’ message is forgiveness. Our only function here in this world is just that. Our ways are built in opposition to this. I would surmise the world is designed in opposition to it. Even the meaning of the word forgiveness that so defines Jesus’ teaching is changed to mean other than what he demonstrated. Not that he asks us to undertake the extreme example of the cross. But he does want us to understand what he did for us, the last useless journey for all of us who breath in this world need take. Building better world systems, however, is not what he has in mind. Building pathways to forgiveness, expressing the power of our own holiness, letting go of the separation we think we accomplished — letting go of the suffering that goes with any unforgiving thought is, I believe, his mission. That few have ever done that is indicative of why we have such a divided world and why it is so bent on, it seems, its own destruction.
One’s own commitment to the principles of forgiveness, which Jesus taught, will always be enough. It isn’t necessary, nor does God ask us, to build new systems that will make the world work. None will work without our full attention to giving up the idea of separation, which under any system cannot work. The world will end because it is saddened by its own separation from God, and our thinking such a separation could occur. It is the real basis of all the world’s lack of success in partaking of the abundance so freely given by God who only loves his creations. We have enough food and resources to feed and provide comfort for everyone, yet we don’t. We have enough resources to wipe out all illness in the world. And changing the world to “better” place within its man made systems won’t do it. Nothing will, unless we solve the separation problem. The only way to God is through forgiveness, here. I believe that is Jesus’ teaching. If we can override all that we do and are capable of doing with this one message the world will meld into where we all come from, heaven. “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”, means our minds will change to accept the love of God, what we are. As, of course, He is. Heaven cannot come to a separated world.


I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.