July 19, 2016: On my return trip to Seattle from the conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

What to think of such a meeting of two or more gathered together in his name, where Jesus says he’ll be. I thought of some things he might want me to know from my attendance to this forum of forgiveness, seeing “everything belongs” as just that —

Jesus, as usual you have placed me where I need to be. Planted these old feet on holy ground, to feel your miracle once again this day: to hear James, Jennifer, Christina, and Mirabai and others speak and tell us your story, touching once more the song “driving all things toward union, attraction, and cosmic sympathy…..(Teilhard de Chardin, SJ.) The melody goes on, as a never ending harmony, as the Voice of Peace selects the just right cadence, endings and beginnings, to blend heavenly with our notes, from our sad phrases joining with notes known, and unknown, from You our Guide and Counselor, always seeking Our Father for us and with us until it is done. The song we thought we heard so eerily, just a faint and too far away quiver on a sorrowful string, to now become the grandeur and magnificence it was always meant to be. As usual, you would remind us, Jesus, thereby, there are no wrong notes, just better choices. You left us with, instead of sin, “Brother (sister), choose again.” “There is nothing to fear.” The HS, our Alchemist-in-Charge, knows perfectly the refrain of this eternal melody, its cantabiles, con brios, modulations, returning themes, variations, the entrances of each subject, countersubject, false subject, sequence, — and its silence. Jesus, you say in our moments of concern about this sad world, “Be still and know that I am God.” Above all, a masterful and perfect coda for teaching only what we are, Love, which holds no grievances. Seek no more. Retain the happiness we felt together, it was His grace to tell us again it is why you are here in this world. Happiness beats being “right”. God doesn’t do sad. You do. Yet it is but your call for love, dear brothers and sisters; answered here only as a reflection of Our Father’s love, as we forgive. For It alone guarantees our happiness and our only way to return to His Kingdom.

Peace good brothers and sisters. In the sunlight of the Spirit, we’ll surely do this again.

Bob Pajer

(These remarks are entirely the opinion of the author who had the privilege of attending and may not reflect the opinion of the conference presenters.)

One thought on “On Conspire 2016 — A Conspiracy of God Conference Series, July 15 – July 17, 2016. A Conspiracy for God Conference. Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM.

  1. Thank you. It’s beautiful the way you describe the simpleness of life. I’ll keep trying because I must. Letting go of anger and negativity is of course the key. There is no purpose in holding on to it. I do let go in theory but it’s still not gone. That is my task right now. 🌅


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