Today has had its moments. I get to choose which are eternal — where God dwells. A humble thought? Yes. Although it may seem just the opposite, it is not. I think I’m separated from God and fear I have no power. Yet, I can’t separate from Him and I do have Power. His Power, as I am in His Mind. My ego, nevertheless, will always insist otherwise. It will tell me I exist as a separated entity and, therefore, I need to accept all limitation accordingly and fight like hell to substantiate lack in this world. This is the voice of the ego-self that tells me I’m separate and have only the power I think I have, which is based on my past and my projection of my future grounded upon it. It is a projection machine for what can never exist. Given such beliefs I am powerless to accept God’s love in this moment. I am doomed to fostering theses beliefs in myself and others.

How do I get to choose this moment given this condition? God has given us grace beyond all expectations. First of all, beliefs aren’t facts. I can believe all kinds of nonsensical things. But I can also believe in a Power greater than my-self, part of me that is my belief in a false self. My faith tells me its a fact. There is only One who has all power. My disputes about this fact cover an unbelievable array of ego thought forms, all cover ups for its core belief: self inflicted fear due to a lack of faith. And, faith in a thing that doesn’t exist: the existence of my ego, which is just a fearful thought.

So how I can choose to set the day as I want it? Upon two choices leading to just what I want: One, don’t do any thinking alone. Humbly ask. Or, just ask. And second, see only this Power in everyone else, just as I see it in my Self. If I’m unhappy, stop and say that isn’t because I’m human, but because I am not seeing God in everyone, acknowledging the fact a person may not be seeing this way, but in this instant I can for him or her. And accept once again the Truth: God sees all His children this way, everyone. When I join with Him in this one thing, I am happy and have exactly the day I want. When I make the mistake of choosing otherwise, I can stop and choose again. Why not? I can think whatever I want. Try it. For the world will change before your eyes.

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