I am here in this world for one reason. That reason is salvation through forgiveness. I would not be here except for the problem of separation from my Source, which in itself is an illusion. For God is indivisible. All other things that seem to happen here are only part of this same notion: I decided to separate from God. No matter this isn’t possible. That it can seem so is real to me. I can make dreams seem real because my mind is forever joined in the only Power in the universe: God’s mind with all minds through Christ mind. Christ and God are One. We, everyone here, hides from Christ, otherwise we would not be here, although He does not hide from us. The decision to separate is ours and can be set right at any moment, since it is ours. In our illusion of separation, there is no way to God, however, other than forgiveness, here in this world. Forgiveness, itself an illusion is the only reflection of God’s love, here. All human suffering stems from not accepting it, for it is God’s gift to His son (daughter) through the Holy Spirit. It’s acceptance is our way to seeing God, the “pure of heart” in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

How does it feel to be separated from Source? First of all, I carry a truckload of guilt about it — guilt is entirely from my decision to separate and the continuing thought I have actually done it. Separating was the original “sin” Christians believe occurred as we turned away from God into separation and the illusion of ego. It was corrected the instant it occurred, corrected by the Holy Spirit, Who continues to awaken us to its correction.

I believe everyone who takes a breath in this world carries the same guilt. There are myriad ways in which we mask and package our guilt, and just one way to remove it: through accepting God’s plan for salvation, forgiveness. Guilt is the only block there is to God’s love and our partnership with God as co-creators with Him. God’s plan is grand in scope and yet simple: (1) unmask it by shifting our minds, now in bondage to self, to admitting we harbor guilt and when we see it in ourselves, give it up, I. e., giving it over to God, over and over, in its many forms, anger, fear, shame, grudge, resentment of any kind can be met with forgiveness: when we think we see an attack coming from a brother or sister, acknowledge it as a mistake, a separation from God, but don’t react by your own wrong teaching of yourself or the other person. Don’t teach anger is real by joining in with a counter-attack. No attack is real unless we make it so by attacking, which will always be an attack on one’s self. It is only bodies that seem to be affected by an attack in any form. I do not mean to diminish the body’s importance to us. However, bodies are ego wrappings which are not our True Self, which is of God and cannot be harmed. “I cannot be harmed”, refers to our Self, the Spirit of which we are apart which is in Truth eternal. All of our fear rises from our belief we have separated from our Source. Yet we need a body to prove this is so to “protect” ourselves from the consequences of all separation thinking. That it is temporary? Well, we’re working on that. While God has other ideas. Treat the body with the greatest respect you can give to a holy gift of God, which is, no matter what we think it’s for, our Our Father’s time honored device He uses to communicate with His children. God would never leave us bereft of His gift of Life He so freely bestows on us. Yet, we can lie to ourselves. So, the ego would have us believe the body represents its finest hour, all bedecked with the glamour of a secret purpose it will never fulfill, not knowing what it is itself. God, on the other hand, simply uses it for the only holy purpose there is in this world, re-establishing communication with and among His children, who think they have left Him. Our ego’s reaction is always the same in thousands of hidden forms, repeating the same thing over and over and believing in a different searched for and sort after result. Insanity,of course, for what could possibly better than what God gives so freely? Even if whatever that may be would be possible.

We are all equally children of God. We all experience the same harvesting of guilt (sin) and yet all have the same interest, salvation: the coming home to God just as He created us. God is Love and He created us in His Love, which never ceases to shine upon us. Although we can keep it from shinning through us. (ACIM)

Our second concern in God’s plan for salvation is simply giving up our mistakes and wrong mindedness. To give up something doesn’t mean to stop it. We alone can’t. We are capable of doing anything God can do save one thing. We cannot be Him. We cannot create ourselves, nor parent ourselves: We can try, however and that is called rightfully, “playing God.” Or, trying to be insane. Which it makes logical sense to think that is what separation from God is.

Ego madness, nor any form of ego, can correct itself. Although it insists it can. And make us believe it. So our third concern is “Let go, and let God.” Or, be still and know that I am God. Peace, good brothers and sisters.
Copyrighted 2016.
Bob Pajer.

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