I am grateful today to open up my heart to God’s love.

My life and will in His care have offered me a glimpse of the wonder of His grace. What need have I to cling to specialness?  : the urge to wander alone in the dust of past pain, the struggles of bony fingers clinging to death and dying. Now are the thirst for His Word, already on my lips loose me from the terrifying fear of aloneness? He is here. He has come as I asked. What suffering can but seem to say “I suffer at your hand, brother, for I will to be apart from our Father.” Let me say instead, “Yes. There is one who has all power, you, as you rest in His Oneness. Today let us rest together in gratitude we have never been separate, but rather in the unity of His holy will.

Should we chose to listen, music touches the soul, awakens us to what is now, where God is and we cease to speak.

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