Essay on the Christian Trinity

God is One. Trust there is no trinity where God seems to be the lead, the other two somehow lesser. Our “natural” inclination in separation is to split off into more than one. An inclination that is in fact insane. Our ego, the seeming effect of separation, although very real to anyone who has an ego, always speaks first in this regard, and is forever wrong. The Trinity we know of and are introduced to in Christianity is a natural consequence of separation, as is Christianity itself. Jesus has given us the most holy message there can possibly be. We build cathedrals that along with everything else in this world will pass into dust. His message will not. It is forever knocking on our door. Yet we either don’t hear it, or ignore the caller. 
Without separation, Adam’s lonely decision to stake his claim in God’s Kingdom, there would be no need for the Trinity, for the Holy Spirit was and remains God’s Answer to Adam’s poor decision. When the mad idea of separation entered Adam’s mind the Holy Spirit entered God’s Mind as the answer. God would not have His Son wander off from His holy mind which He created as joined with Him. The Son thus remains where he cannot not be, while a false self is made up by the son, who enters into a dreamlike and unreal state of mind, yet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Should you think this is not the way things are, I suggest you ask the the Holy Spirit anything and you will see that He will guide you. He knows everything about you, and everything about God. And everything that is in God’s plan to bring you home to your Father, while yet in your dream of separation from Him. We are God’s heavenly children, safe in the hands of God where we have always and forever will be. At this moment we in earth are all called to follow this plan we did not make. Not many choose to listen, but we are all called. For God’s Son is eternally one with Him. Why doesn’t God Himself communicate with us? Why such an intermediary as the Holy Spirit?” First, God is always revealing Himself to us through His love, His eternal connection with us in the form of revelation, our only direct contact with Him. Otherwise our contact with Him is through our love for one another, revealed to us as forgiveness of ourselves and one another. We are seemingly separated from one another and God, only in this regard, by un-forgiveness. There is no other way to separate, although separation takes myriad forms under its fierce tutor fear, the ego actually. All grievance between and among us is separation. Think, Adam does not become separated until he makes the fatal decision to blame Eve for what happened (blaming God.) He treats what must have been enormous guilt the way we do, projection, or self condemnation. We are still in this mode of operation today in this world. Of course we are stuck in it, not because God is punishing us, as Adam must have thought and many often think, but because we are needlessly punishing ourselves for what we believe is sinful. We make each grievance a sin, seeing it not as the mistake it always is, no matter the form, condemn ourselves, and project all the guilt from that on to each other, We will of course one day discover what God never stops knowing, His Son is innocent because no harm is possible to Him or his Holy Son. That is Jesus’ message, from his life here, on the cross, and above all from the resurrection of Jesus as Christ. Out of the resurrection of the Self of countless others in this world we will see the same message. The Trinity is part of God’s plan to ensure this will be, for it is His will. Thy Will be done is forever done. We are not waiting for God. He is patiently waiting for us to awaken from our dream in which we will join with the Holy Spirit in the holiness we have never left as the One Son of God. The Trinity will then have fulfilled God’s plan and the knocking on our door will forever stop. Without the impossible the Son will join with the Holy Spirit and God, our creation will become what has never changed, the Oneness of our Father. The Almighty Caller will be welcomed as the Answer. The knocking will end as a final triumphant chord of Knowing. 

What is Dual Counsciousness? Not Consciousness at All

The essence of non-duality, or spiritual oneness in spiritual now is that what we must in understanding it, consider that its opposite cannot exist; and, if we insist it does exist, we are put into, or we place ourselves into a sleep, where all we think we see is only real to us; where the very basis of realty, Truth, is true for all, not different for each of its separated parts our consciousness or identity here as we see it in this world.

In Truth, truth is true. If we try to separate anything out from it, it cannot be true. We cannot be real if we have decided duality is real. There is no way to live in a dual world without believing in illusions. Even our breathing here is dual: in and out. We do seem to live, although only to ourselves. Only non-dual pure consciousness is real. Well, almost. Duality on the other hand establishes by its nature an un-real thought system. A dream. The reason dreams are so powerful, while illusory, is we continue to live in the Power we have never left, the mind of our Creator, within a loving Father, which art in heaven, where HeShe has never not been and always will be. Where, hold onto your seats, we are dreaming we are in our own world, a world kind of a mess (chaotic at best, cruel and vengeful, at worst,) because God did not create it. Fear not about this. Our Father is holy and His holiness is bestowed on His beloved child, what we really are, dwelling in His mind eternally safe, as we awaken to where we have never not been, heaven, His Kingdom he shares with us. As it is in Heaven, so it is in earth, our holy mind joined forever with the One Holy Mind.

To awaken we do need help, which He lovingly provides. At least one of us, split off, who fully recognized what he is, demonstrated we can do the one thing we think impossible: to not look outside ourselves to project onto, but look within and see we are the Light, the Light is strength that makes us all invulnerable. Strength through love for one another. I can love for you if you cannot find Love in this moment. Yes, to cut through the dream of untruth, we need our daily bread as we stand together as the “we” in we-ness to take this bread and share with all those as holy as he. And we as he, whether or not we know this. Seeking is enough, as He who speaks for God, speaks to us every second, as he uses time we made to separate from Him, for us.

We give now in our holiness, forgiving ourselves, as in that holy instant we forgive everyone, in a dream where we thought we were alone and found ourselves belonging to all who are born of All to give to all. Now we live. Living in His world where the only temptation can be believing we might lose our holiness and think the impossible again: He seems at times to have left us. But as I look into all their eyes as we join together in his name I can now only say: Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, for you are dear child exactly that One. Amen.

It is God’s strength in you that is the light in which you see, as it is His Mind with which you think. ACIM. 92
Bob Pajer©