Be Here Now

An ego gets touched an arrow is reached for–
Wait.  Who are you dear child of our Father
Who cries through pain only for His love?  Such Infants we are together.  Made in His likeness.  I do not see you, dear child.  Yet His holy Son does.

Worry not now you who lashes in terror. There is none. Be sure holy child of our Father, there is none. Fear is the stranger here. Yet, a stranger who doesn’t find a real home anywhere.

Awaken Child of Our Father. Let us go home now together. I bless you in His name. Come now, with me. I know who you are. And now I see who I am.

We found each other to travel together.  Not apart.

That our egos touched for a tiny mad moment, it matters not. Our journey was made in heaven. What is not, cannot stop His love for us. My answer to your beckoning is to come with me now.

Let us not delay. Our innocence waits only in time. Love is our chariot.
The fire will not stop us.

What isn’t real cannot be real.

Bob Pajer