All come here broken. The world is a place to discover missing identity — a journey without distance to goal which has never changed. (ACIM). Yet we are in Truth, all part of, whole, now. Although separation, the decision to be here, appears to separate us, nothing, however, can. God abides in us no matter what we think about ourselves and each other. Because God is indivisible, separation has never taken place. That should show us the real power of our mind — to think falsely, as well as rightmindedly. We could see it’s real power, but it is our choice not to. Nonetheless, we are one with our Creator no matter what we believe or think. We have never left our home. Once we are in the dream that seems to tell us we can all things about separation clearly seem real. A good deal of our reality appears as suffering, a symptom of false ideas about not knowing who we are. Our seeming lack of an identity. Thinking we do not know our Source is always at the core of our belief in insanity and sickness. Many addict themselves to things that seem to relieve pain. Without a Source, false gods will do. Or, we abuse one another in all forms of attack, perpetrators or victims. Enemies or the “innocent” recipients of attack. We have never found a way to fully and effectively defend our ourselves. Save one. The person who resists not evil, recognizing that what does not exist cannot harm. Bodies can be hurt, made to suffer and destroyed. Yet we in spirit, cannot be, for that is eternal and has never left its Source. Our insistence that Truth cannot be has left us without identity. When I ask “Who am I?”, setting the question aside, the answer must be, “I don’t know.” Even though I think I know better. Being here remains the only hope I have, the only reality I have for reaching my home in the one and only relationship that truly is my place, God’s love for me and you and everyone. 
God can and will bring God’s children home. To let this happen, and it has already happened, we simply need to look upon one another as we were created. My validation of your identity is a simple practice. I must every day practice the truth that my brothers and sisters here are just as God created each and everyone one. From the arms of His love. We don’t ever get to change this, no matter what in my perception seems to define them otherwise. Should I perceive otherwise I will inevitably think they have stolen my identity from me. None have, nor can. No one has what I think has been taken from me, who I am. I do not need validation from another that assures I am real. I need only validate them. I need not blame them for what I otherwise have projected upon them. I have no holes in me anyone can fill, because there are no holes in me. I am as God created me. I am not a body, which I think lacks something I can find in your body. I lack nothing. I have all from All. I am blessed among the poorest who have All. The world holds nothing that I want. (ACIM). Because I have no cause to want. We need just awaken to Truth. I join with the Holy Spirit, my Self and you as God takes the last step for us. I need do nothing but listen, as heaven rejoices. 
I bless you, brother/sister with the Love of God, which I would share with you. For I would learn the joyous lesson that there is no love but God’s and yours and mine and everyone’s. Lesson 127, ACIM

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