Since we have chosen in our world to see in specifics “Trinity” is a decent metaphor for our healing, our awakening as we are restored to sanity. It has no other purpose, but to guide us home, first because are the Son of God. God, we think, wrongly, extracts an exacting price for our error forever due. The Holy Spirit’s only purpose is correction of our mad ideas. Our concepts of sin, guilt and death (our unholy trinity) serves us well in this false concept of justice. Here is the beginning of the dream of separation formed, justice and truth abandoned in a mold of guilt, smoldering now as we seem to be split apart, blaming each other for the impossible, and in our own hell continuing to split upon split in every illusion we bow down and worship to. As we seem to oppose God, it can only be a mad world we make, that has no meaning, nor purpose. Yet, all that can really happen is that God, in response to our decision, still knows only One as a unified Creation, all in all, all there ever was and will be, the unity of oneness within us in Christ, as we are reminded we are One, in Spirit, within our Selves, as the Son of God. And where Christ is, God is, the thing that cannot change, will never change. Our minds are God’s deep and loving concern, He cares for His children, our brothers and sisters in union with Him. This is the full meaning of the Trinity. “Three” has no particular divine meaning. However it is the e only non-duality we get to experience here, because it is the only non-dual aspect of a mind so otherwise sick, it cannot comprehend its own sickness. It is God’s answer to an unrelated cause that took place in the mind of God’s holy child — again “a tiny mad idea” (ACIM) out of our mistaken thought system. It is His only response: as Holy as He is are we, His mercy and Love boundless, extended to the limitless. We thought we sinned in separation; God responded otherwise: no we did not separate, for there is no such thing, we can not do what cannot be.

So our whole journey now is one of forgiveness, forgiving ourselves for what we did not and cannot do, by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit and Christ within us, what we are. A return to sanity through God’s plan. For that, we need the gifts of the Trinity: our true connection with our older brother, Jesus, who teaches us that, with him we are a part in the Trinity, as we are one in Christ, our Higher Self; that we have the Holy Spirit within that part of our minds where God placed the Answer to our mistaken identity; and, it is in our unity with our Selves and one another we awaken again to our union with God. We are the Holy Trinity, as we are God’s Kingdom. “For thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever.” Amen. We need do nothing but seek to follow His plan and stay vigilant for the work of the Holy Spirit. In other words, wake up, show up and watch the show! This is what the Atonement is for. It is Jesus’ very teaching in his lovely prayer: “Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.” Let us join to let all sadness go, for it laments nothing.

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