“The whole point of this book comes down to this. Your life is your art. I mentioned by friend and fellow renaissance human, Andrea Balkt, erlier. She uses that phrase a lot. I don’t jus like it. Its true.

What’s true is that we are all artists. Each of us paints non the canvas of our lives. Every moment is a new brush stoke. Most of us are unconscious of that, except maybe in brief flashes of awareness.” p. 164

Jacob Nordby writes an interesting book about our world, its problems and those who can participate in saving it: the weird.  Those who are outstanding artists and creators of the making of it.  Yes we do create our world from what we have decided it to be. Perception is not an outside job but an inside decision to see what we want. “Out there”. In fact there is no “out there.’ But what we make it to be.  And that can be powerfully real to us because we occupy the only mind in the universe.

Yes we are creators, all of us, co-creators with God, Much of Nordby’s book is about those who seem different, in a different place that others.

Yet, from this critic’s point of view, being different is merely a difference in the dream.  No one here is really different. We “create” different illusions.  We are at different places on our journey seeking our identity. We do things differently only due to form differences.  The content of what we do is real.  However it is not what we think it is.  We live in a confused world we make up and never quite get  what we think we want.  Or seem to want.  We live in chaos, thinking we know how to find out way out only to find we are doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different more acceptable result.  Our author does not seem to understand we can’t create anything.  Creation only takes place, with God.  Which we have the power to do.  But only with God.  We are the only species on earth without a clear attachment to a parent. Our constant question over the ages has always been “Who am I.?” Our birth does not seem to tell us this, so we search for the answer in a world where such answers aren’t available , or possible.  We are plagued by the question, however, for the entire time we are here.   Willing to kill over it. It literally drives us crazy. Yet its clear we do our damnedest to separate from Our Father, who is Our Creator and clearly our Source.  That’s not a religious statement, but a fact.

Nordby takes the artist, the weird ones amongst us, and places them at the forefront in telling the story of human beings as progressively refining our earth.

“Being creative is the only way we can ever feel fulfilled in life. This means turning our lives into unique works of art that reflect our desires and passions. It also means marching to the best of our own drum. This decelerates the weird ones who teach us to do that — who show us that is is not only possible but is also critical to our own survival.” P. 7.

God creates; humankind makes. Fortunately, we don’t in my option do anything without the Mind of God. We can make the world whatever we want. It is will always be changed to what God wants. I believe Nordby is saying we have a chance here, through our creativeness to make up a world that is free and peaceful. That we try and do this is not really of any consequence. It comes and goes. Yet God’s world is eternal life. It has never come and never goes. It is. We don’t need to create something of our own, shouldn’t because it has never worked out. Some of us here know this and work out their own way of peace, knowing that eventually all will follow and the world will end because it is a sad place, yet the real progress of humankind will fulfill God’s love for all of us.

Somehow I can’t wrap my hope around Jimmy Hendrix and Elizabeth Taylor as being, according to Norby,  out in front somewhere leading us all to salvation. Even Mozart. No, we are all brothers and sisters being restored to sanity by a loving Father of us all. None are not chosen. True, few choose to listen, but everybody gets what is theirs, God’s complete  love for his children. Our job here is to let that happen by our love one another. That was Jesus’ message to his brothers and sisters. We seem a bit uneven in this world. Yet this is not the real world, the world we will accept when we are ready. Right now we are too busy defending the world we made in place of God’s — which is impossible.

There is nothing to do here in a world that does not accept its loving Father. All the weird in the world trying to make it a better place will not change this. Who wants to make a mad world better. Well, the mad in their madness. That heaven for the artists. But not because art is, or can be anymore than what we make of it.

I have enjoyed Norby’s book none the same. He is a good writer and has something to say about our world, the one we made. But I can’t accept that any remaking of the world by its makers will save it. There is a world that we can all find, in ourselves that will take us literally to the world that is of God. Nothing we do here in our world will make that journey for us through our own dreams of correction. The best we can do here is to learn once and for all to love one other. If we don’t know what that means, and we don’t,  lets find out. Just ask. It will be given to know. Fortunately, we are safe because God did not our world. If he had, we are really in trouble. And fortunately, the real world is safe because we didn’t make it. What we make seemingly apart from God is insane. God is not.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.

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