Book Review: Out of the Depths — Sermons and Essays, by Kenneth E. Kovacs. Review by Bob PajerOur

This is an excellent book. Kenneth E. Kovacs writes beautifully, telling his story of Jesus and Jesus’ way of inviting us to probe the depths of our own consciousness to join him as disciples of his way. Luke 5:4 is about this: Fishermen of men and women. The metaphor of fishing tells us Jesus invites us to salvation within first of all. We may share our salvation to be sure, but it is at first a foundation we share, built on our own probing and spiritual work.

The sermons and essays are full of wonderful Bible interpretations making practical what Jesus tells us about living in this world. P. 112, for example deals with worry. “And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?” “Therefore, I tell you not to worry…” As usual Jesus is not only practical but knows our personality and what it does to us: “Be on guard against all kinds of greed; for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions” (Luke 12:15). We are worried that we will not get what we want; we are worried that what we have we will lose.

Worry stems from lack. We live in a world of abundance. We are children of God who has all Who gives all to his sons and daughters. He holds nothing back for Himself. His desire and will is to give all to all. We are the recipients. We inherit what God gives, yet worry its not enough. Such is the illusion of separation from our Father, Who separates from non one. There is no scarcity but what we make up. Yet we can make up what appears real. I cannot have reality because it isn’t true.

Kovacs writes: “According to Jesus, the antidote to worry is the kingdom. The kingdom is the core message of Jesus’ preaching. Now, its natural to be anxious and to worry. But Jesus wants us to direct our attention away from what we think we don’t have (scarcity) to what we already do have, which is God’s kingdom that is and is still coming … we are the apple of God’s eye.”

I think this is certainly excellent advice, that doesn’t go far enough. I would say that God’s kingdom is His children. We are His kingdom. Our primary function here is completion of just that. Not that it is not already complete, but that our awakening to what already is is Jesus’ message. God does not make up as He goes along. It is done. We awaken to what already is, which is everything. Everything we think we have left looking for something better. Mistakenly of course, yet we persevere. That is the cause of worry. Worrying that what we thought we did in separation we actually did. Our humans is no excuse for maintaining what inn’t true.


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