We are “chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world” (see Ephesians 1:4).

Cause and effect are one in what Paul says here in this seemingly incredible statement. It hits our dualistic, separately contrived world like a ton of bricks. God’s. As Richard Rohr says, reality is:  subject joins with subject, there is no object.  A heady thought, but true.  Our Cause and effect relationship with God is almost that Cause and effect are the same.

Our world, however, by choice is based on our decision to separate from our Source, and disappear into the dual consciousness of ego, a thought system that grows upon itself like a cancer, splitting off and splitting off again and again. Yet there is nothing unlike our unique unity in God’s Oneness, no such opposite thought system separate from God. Such a thought cannot not exist in The Oneness of God’s Mind where we exist. Such a likeness, in reality, can’t happen. “God is or He isn’t,” as Bill Wilson tells us in his non-dual statement on the exisitence of God, or Power greter than ourselves.  So we think we exist, but actually as separated from God, can’t exist. Our egos do the magic: we believe there is existence apart from God, and in our mind so it seems to be, albeit with one unsurmountable problem: it can only seem to be, it can’t go anywhere, for it is only love that can be extended into reality. And, all ideas, like all thoughts, do not leave their source — coming under the same immutable, changeless laws of God’s, including love for His children, truly extended to be extended eternally. Love does not need to go anywhere to be extended. For Existence has always been and forever will be everywhere. While fear, all that the ego’s source of its own being, for that is what it is, goes nowhere. “Nothing” cannot extend itself, 0+0=0.

However, the Holy Spirit, in Her ceaseless labor of God’s and His perfect love for us reminds us we are trying to think apart from God — a tug, one of thousands upon us, that something isn’t quite right-minded here. And we begin momentarily thinking in truth; yet, for most of us, we turn to defense of the ego and using that defense, think again in fear, apart from God: maybe they’ll be unwanted consequence, pain and suffering, so instead of listening to the Voice of Salvation, we make up a false God to “protect” us, to go with our false self, and live happily ever after in a made up chaotic kingdom full of sin, guilt, death and decay.  Death is always the ego’s ultimate unreality for the ego, bones crumbling into dust. Can this be what God created? Can this be His love for His Son? Deep in everyone here is God’s voice singing a different melody:  one of peace, loviness, connectidness and forgivness.  For-giveness simply meaning we have it all, each and every one of us, surging into a Oneness that can only connect to God.   There is no separation.

Richard Rohr so correctly says, if we had just gone in the other direction, toward “being chosen in Christ (Self) before the foundation of the world.”, which is not the direction Adam took, (nor I ten minutes ago,) where would we be? However, we are exactly where we are supposed to be based on our readiness to return home, Bill Wilson teaches, to help recovering drunks stay planted in the moment, now, for that is the only place, with God, where he/she finds the defense from the next drink — hoping it will never come.

One day at a time.  God is always in the now. However, God is in everything. There are no wrong places to be, just better choices. And we can always be where we want to be, for the love of God. The one power left to us in a dualistic thought system is choice, i.e., decision making. Choosing not to make 10 fighter jets in 10 countries in the world and diverting these savings to joint cancer research would provide enough resources to cure cancer forever. Isn’t cancer then our choice like all suffering in this world?

Alas, again thanks to the Loving Voice for God, the Holy Spirit, we can’t stand the guilt of wrong choices. If you separate from God you will feel guilty and guilt leads to the ego’s direct path to its art of the grievance. While love holds no grievances, we do. Grievances are insane, as is guilt. But, both, we think gives us an out: while judgement, self-righteousness, condemnation are like super glue, binding quickly and securely, there is always the ego’s masterpiece, blame, which is its “proof” there’s something out there to threaten us. Something we make up in our dream of scarcity and depravation, which is the world without forgiveness.  Our egos are contrived to release the bond, while making the bond to delusion and separation evermore secure.  This is one of the egos’s most most artful weapons:  the special relationship.  While God does nothing in special terms, the ego loves specialness and fosters it. While covering its design for self destruction, it deflects our real fear that God will find us and punish us once and for all for, actually, into what we did not do, separate with “loving” overtones.  Unfortnately, thes overtones cover special hate for the person we think we can love without God’s input, no thank you.

Which is of course what Adam did, here is where he blames his lovely wife, (the beginning of couples therapy.) We can in fact teach only one thing in this world. It is not knowledge, however, for that is of God and we have made the choice of not being “of God” — impossible but thinkable. We can only teach Love, or at least reoving the many blocks to love we love. If  we think of teaching being communication, which it clearly must be, we can teach each other by simple means:  forgiveness:  seeing in the other person, thus in ourselves, only what the other person can only be:  a perfect, holy child of God.  Since we cannot change God’s creaton, which is what this is, we are in effect than accepting the only thing necessary for salvation:  God’s love for us.   Although it must be just as Jesus taught us, through the reflection of love, forgiveness. Forgivness is our only way to God. There is no lother way.  And it must be done here on earht.  It is interesting it is in the final analysis, through the Christ in one another we reach our home in heaven, on “a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.” (Jesus’ words in A Course in Miracles)

By Bob Pajer, September 22, 2016

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