Beyond Seeing – A Psalm

I seem to know. Yet I don’t. Knowledge is protected from my egoistic mind. I think sometimes when I feel like I’m on top of things I make up, I’m surely not. When I see myself in poverty, however, I am likely to welcome Truth. My heart soars at the idea my having is my very being, always in Your Heart, Father: The Kingdom, now. My life is only sad and unmanageable when I believe stuff I made up without You, Father. I have made a world of sin and guilt. You, dear Father have created a Heaven where I’m forever welcome. It’s not a place I think I can play my ego’s games and prove to my self, that at its hand I die, not a place I can play the game of deprivation: sickness, attack and littleness, determined to prove at least one thing: that I see. I Imagine, I think I actually know through the seeing of eyes that don’t see. Knowledge cannot be in the hands of a life that thinks it sees with eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear. My solution to this is always to sacrifice Life. I will willingly die for one sacrifice. Death, dear Father. This is not your will! You will only that Your Son live, as You created me. Quiet my mind, Father that I may hear your calling—Your ancient song you sing to me with every breath I take and every encounter I have with a brother or sister. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. Let this song be my aria to all my my brothers and sisters here. We know not what we say, yet I do know this one thing: When I listen I can hear beyond our voices, we sing the greatest melody we cannot help but sing here and in heaven: we are One, in unity with our Holy Father. Amen.

Bob Pajer