Truth is True

By Bob Pajer, based on an interpretation of Jesus’ words and my notes from A Course in Miracles

Truth is true.

Let it shine on me, through me, and to you.

I teach release and gladness. Or, I will teach sorrow and despair. Neither accepts a partial attempt. I need to be glad that we have been asked to teach the first, for that is what I will learn for myself. Should I decide to teach the other, that is what I will surely learn—of course to watch truth come again. For is truth relentless, and inevitable. It will never leave me in the darkness of my mistakes. We are blessed, as we bless.

Learn to be a happy learner—a really happy one. Who loves a sad teacher?

Be not content with nothing. You have all from All. Grab it and cling to it. It is your inheritance. You can find it unacceptable, but you cannot change it.

Truth is true. Its all there is. For it holds the key — light. The light has come. Don’t darken it with guilt, unless you wish to play God again, trying to convince all the Power there is that It is not salvation, but guilt is.

No form of human suffering fails to belie a guilty thought. That is because a guilty thought is an attack on God, and further separation. And when we try to attack God, or one of God’s children, the same mistake, we affirm our insanity, which is we think we separated from God—the impossible. For that one thought we invite our own suffering. Not liking suffering very much, we will blame someone, or blame ourselves. A vicious cycle dearly loved by the ego.

I am the decision maker in my time here in this world I made. The decision for guiltlessness is mine, as is the deciding for guilt. When I decide for guiltlessness, it is mine. Once mine, I must give it away to keep it.

The value of all this I just said is my restoration to sanity — learning to teach only God’s lessons here in this world, now. God teaches us. All things are lessons He/She would have us learn. Not to worry about things I don’t understand. More will be revealed, as I decide to let in what i already know to be true.

Let me bring peace. As a matter of fact it is why I’m here. Actually, the only reason I’m here. If I think this is not so, I am out of alignment with the Will if God.

I’m deciding something in every second in time, including time itself. It is my power to do so. “God, the world was a poor decision, as You know. “Don’t worry, “ God says, “That mistake and all mistaken decisions are corrected the instant they are made—for everyone involved, by Truth. My Will. My Voice. My Love.”

When I attack a brother or sister I will instantly believe attack on me is inevitable. This is the ego’s law, coming from it’s laws if chaos. Truth will not allow attack in any form whatsoever. Peace will always abide in God’s law, the only law there is.

When I judge someone, condemning myself or another for what appears to be right or wrong, I usurp God’s authority, God’s authorship of creation. Or, mistakenly try. God does judge. But only as follows: “Behold my Children, in whom I am well pleased. You are as I created you.” Unless we believe this, now, we will continue to search, until we learn there us no search where upon we will find what we are looking for, as we look on our own, without God.

“Father, I am here only to be truly, helpful. How do You want me to see this situation, accepting what I am, Love!?”

Replace darkness with light. You can. Just ask “What is Your will for me, Father.” You will recognize your will.

Darkness has no power, other than in your perception, which retains the power of choice until we are able to see. See there is no choice, for love excludes all choices. And God is love.

As you grow in Holy Perception, and you will, it will become more and more, impossible to see or dream of darkness.

Guiltnessness forms my invulnerability, beyond form.

God is the only Cause.

The causeless cannot be. When I fully learn this one thing I will know everything, for knowledge is true.

Deny what is causeless. That’s a worthy use of something I have well practiced, denial.

I cannot make decisions on my own. Whatever I decide I decide for every one. Every decision you make is for the Sonship.

Guilt is not a virtue. Nor is shame, which is a form of guilt, which is fear. Don’t listen to your ego on this subject, nor on anything for that matter.

If you seek love outside yourself you can be certain you are perceiving hatred within, and are afraid of it. My dear brother/sister, there is nothing out there. We are in here together in union with Our Father.