Being Alone Or Not

Our minds share all the power there is in the universe.  When we think, and we do all the time, we share.  That is the power of mind we usually know nothing of.  The Power of mind is always with us, never lets us be, and being created for us, from one Source, we cannot leave it.  This is because we are truly an idea in our Source’s mind, have never left It, and never will.  A nice way to express this is in the world’s terms, is to call this Source, Our Father, or Mother.  Some say God, Creator, Supreme Being.  There are many more Names we have.  They are all the same and none really identify this Power, other than by some form of internal direction. We seem to know we live in this world with a Loveing Father, or Mother, as we choose to think.  We can think otherwise, but not without suffering.

We are children of Love.  We are children of chaos when this is not true for us.  Such is the Great Power’s all encompassing force in our lives.

We  come here to search for our Source, although that is disguised in other forms, mostly mistaken for how we think of this Power, or insist on not thinking of such a power in our lives.   We are the only species on earth that searches for its source or their parent in the world’s terms.  All we do here is all about this one thing, finding this Source,

Yet our Source has never left us, but believe we left It. That does not on the surface seem too much of a problem because for many of us, we set out on our own insisting we are after all autonomous.  Our loving Parent has been hidden from us by our own making, as are our problems.  As we plunder the very land we make and the other beings with whom we reside here, our brothers and sisters.  In one thought.  Important is we cannot do anything that would change the Mind of Our Parent, wherein we, our seemingly separate minds reside, still as One,  just as its has always been, is now and forever will be.

You are free to think as you wish, or think of the thought of destruction that appears before us.  Or the loving world that stands just behind what we think we see.

Which thought will be real for us? We are  not alone in our minds, seeming to be made so tiny by our own opinion. Yet every thought will be either a connection or a dis-connection.  A loneliness or a connectedness.  Love or hate.  Heaven or hell.  God is or God isn’t.  We cannot serve two masters.

Thought is powerful.  And while we can choose as we wish,  for the thought we want, or what we appear to not want.  We “see” error and make it a “real” thought.  We can do what we wish with that power, but we all need to find the thought withnin us that clearly and inevitably tells us, we can’t leave. And believe it to be Truth; or deny it followed by the pain we make of our thinking.  We are never alone.  Yet, given the real power of our minds, If we think we are, we are.

God never leaves God’s children.  Chaos or not.  God is Love, a thought we’ve heard what seems like forever now.  We need to listen to this thought today.  This is a call for love by a Parent who knows nothing else, and will never allow us to go on thinking there’s something else.

We need to listen to this call and stop being the angry children of chaos.  We are in truth, the loving children of God.  We never leave our Source, because a Loving Parent never leaves Its children.   Thoughts are powerful because they originate where the Answer is placed, in God’s Mind.

Let us think today, we are never alone.  The instruction manual will follow!