I Searched and Never Found You

——until upon a day we found ourselves together.

Thus, I can not lose you. Nor, will we ever lose ourselves.

You were always there to be here, as God unites all in His Creation, just as It is, by Creation!

And there’s no way to project what is forever for all, to all. As an extension of love It is never yielding to the meddling madness of our minds.

We await only our return to the Power, so freely given, yet Ignored in my ignorance. This Power’s protection is my effort not to block it. But extended, It fully encompasses the whole journey of my everlasting love. It goes nowhere and has no opposition. just requiring my stillness in the Heart of God.

Let us be holy together, just as we are. We need change not one thing. For His Will is done in this One heavenly joining, a thing too that has never not been, nor will ever not be.

Tugging, pulling, pushing, prying, pausing, protecting, parrying — thinking these need be, as I steal from time that never is — these being only the shaky ground in which I’ll fall to old ideas of the “love” I have learned so wrongly to fear, not It, but my making of It. And now I’d rather learn each day to think otherwise.

Love needs not my guidance.

It does need my acceptance.

I cannot give what I deny I have. Lovely, it’s my time to deny this denial: For we, you and I, have all.”

I am here to hear, and heed Love’s clarion call, by moving away from what that call is not.

It’s time to wash my hands and keep them away from my face. Maybe where a mask.

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