All perception is scarcity,  an attack on God. One might think that ignoring our Father is without consequence. After all I’m just leading my life, being human. God does not want us to just be human. He did not create human. He calls us to something well beyond that, another dimension, His reality. Oneness. Our illusion that we can be outside of Oneness and need anything, is just that, an illusion, an attack. While the Healer works within this illusion, using our form of illusion, to make the only journey we need ever make, we are still in an illusion of our own making. All forms of illusion are attack because they are our decision to oppose God’s creation, which is His will to extend and further extend over and over, His love for us and through us. My taking, of any kind, is my false self wishing I had something in place of God, centered on the decision I can then make the unreal, to finally,  grasping for a straw:  make eternal what I made. It is always the authority problem, the usurpation of God’s authority. The author of me. Better to be still and know that I am God, but only as I do the very same for you.

We make up perception while God uses it to bring us to the brink of our true selves where he replaces perception with Knowledge and our only true state of mind, His. Giving, as in for-giving. We are led to having, which in Truth is being. You are as God created you. If I appreciate you this way, I am then willing to know myself. In fact it is the only way I can know myself and return to our Father.



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