My ego’s thought system, the system I have set up to attempt separation from God, invariably gets my attention first. It is set up that way, to it seems, oppose God. Nothing can oppose God, yet my ego is adept at “slight of hand.” The “I, self and me, the -ism in egoism, is its own master of incredible trickery that makes sure it speaks first with its deception, hoping I will not pursue the matter by asking Him, Whom it fears greatest. My ego is certainly logical. Using the reasoning part of my (God’s) mind, it extracts only the finest vintage of lies to meet the occasion, yet reserving it’s very best for the most critical of moments, like death, or some of it’s other weapons of mass destruction, like sin and guilt.

In the ego’s slickest of operations, I loose my connection to God’s mind because of the very impenetrable nature of its power. Through its mis-use of course. So my ego must make use of this power while my mind chooses, yet cannot choose. I cannot choose to cut off God’s Voice, but I can trick myself into the insane belief I can, thus making up a causeless belief as a part of causelessness. As I experience this mis-creation in the very Mind that created me, I will be unhappy and depressed and not know really why. The ego generalizes its teaching to generalize what I effectively learn and then instructs me further to correct the pain of believing I can separate from God (now hidden to my awareness) by its own insane means, which involves one of its uppermost and primary skills: analytic thinking, so as to never expose its foundation, it’s constant and continuous form building, while burying content in the further most reaches of my mind, which, while hiding any remains (eternally) connected to its Source, tells me I have some other reality, primary in relation to God’s gift of Creation. This is insane. How can what is insane correct its very own core of insanity? That is where God comes in. I have an old and well advanced ego, which is why my only hope lies in meekness. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

How beautiful to recognize that all such thinking is just that, thinking.  There is nothing real about my thoughts or feelings because they were not thought with God — well at least most of them.  All loving thoughts are true and eternal.  A can think loving thoughts and be sure that every one of them has been preserved as my life here.  My peace rests on the foundation of knowing when I hear the truth within me, where God has placed an altar to His creation.  My peace rest on the foundation of knowing I have treated an encounter as holy, as all encounters are in God’s view.

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